September Dinner Menu – Onsen Tamago

September 6, 2014

温泉卵 $5.20

Sous Videがあると完璧な温泉卵が作れます。68度で30分。黄身がかたまり、白身がとろり。もちろん使用するのはQLD内陸のDarling Downsより直送される有機飼育の放し飼いの幸せな鶏のストレスフリーな卵。Taro’s特製のさっぱり醤油出汁とマイクロハーブで。

Sous Vide Egg with Micro Herbs $5.20

68 deg Onsen Tamago.  When you cook eggs at an even 68degrees for a long time, the yolk sets but the whites are still runny.  (Direct oppsosit of our usual soft boiled egg.  Where the technique is applying high heat from the external perimeter to cook the whites and not let the heat penetrate the yolk at the centre.)  The egg is of course our usual organic and stress free happy free roaming chooks from Country Range Farming in the Darling Downs.  The dashi is our special non MSG broth, and micro herbs direct from our veggie patch!




Tonkotsu Soup Update 豚骨スープ改良続報

September 3, 2014

I recently brought it back to a less emulsified style. You will notice less white color. A layer of small oil dots and darker beige soup.

Less creaminess and more straight on pork flavors. I am now over the full on creamy phase and prefer the gelatinous and porky soup.

Along with this, salt content was reduced because the emulsification used to mask the saltiness as well and there is no need now.

I had one negative feed back from a customer that she preferred the full cream version but overall, many good feedback. I think it tastes very close to original soup but stronger collagen feel and fresh pork flavors.

Only noticeable big difference is that due to the emulsification bond on the soup being low, the oil completely becomes clear and the soup turns very dark once you stop eating. As always, I prefer not to add chemicals ie soy lecithin or xanthan gum etc to cope but rely on my trusty old stick blender to provide the small level of emulsification I feel is right so please do me a favor and enjoy it quickly.

現在はご覧の通り、真っ白ではなく乳化をだいぶ抑えた従来の48時間煮込みのTaro’sのスープに近い形で落ち着いています。圧力鍋で濃度は従来の20%増しですし、コラーゲンの感じ、豚の風味が、最近Night Noodle Markets前後の時期に採用していた乳化多めのスープよりこっちの方がダイレクトに伝わり気に入っています。乳化を抑えるとタレの塩度が立つため、タレの量も減らしています。スープの乳化具合をちょうどいい具合にキープするための乳化剤(レシチン、キサンサンガムなど)を投入する方法もあるようですが、そこは絶対に当店のポリシーでありえないので直前にスティックブレンダ―で弱めに乳化をかけて食べごろで提供しています。食べ追わったころには乳化が解けて脂の層と黒っぽいスープの層になってしまいます。ぜひそうなる前にお召し上がりください。味のFeedbackもしありましたらよろしくお願いします。



Upgrade to Tonkotsu Soup / 豚骨スープの改良について

May 26, 2014

Upgrade to Tonkotsu Soup

Tonkotsu, Red Tonkotsu and Fire Tonkotsu Ramen
$1.00 discount until upgrade is complete.

We have started to utilize pressure cooking of our soup and are currently tweaking the recipe and methods. The benefits of pressure cooking are 1) able to get a denser more freshly gelatinous soup, 2) fuel efficient = ecofriendly, 3) supply quantity increases. As of today, the resulting soup tastes beautiful using the same ingredients as before but the taste does not maintain until the end of the day. When the soup is fresh (this is best at 11:30 beginning of lunch shift) the soup is gelatinous, rich and tastes wonderful. However during the course of the day, it gradually loses emulsification and becomes light. This is what we are trying to improve. In the meantime, we will continue to serve Tonkotsu ramen but just as a token of our appreciation for your understanding, we will discount $1.00. Thank you for your cooperation. We certainly welcome any feedback and will reflect in our upgrading process.






Scenario – Degustation Dinner Dec 8th 2012

November 25, 2013

This is completely untimely being 11months away but forgot to post…

Before the film crew came out for my second degustation dinner, for my first degustation dinner, I had drafted a scenario of what I wanted to explain with each drink and dish. Considering the flow of the evening and mindful of food getting cold etc., I wasn’t able to explain fully all the information behind the dishes, drinks and food pairing, so where else to talk about it to my heart’s content other than this blog!

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August Special Kyoto Kitashirakawa Style Ramen / 京都北白川系ラーメン

July 28, 2013

別名天一系。京都の超人気店をインスピレーションに作って見ました。あくまでインスパイア系です。ブログのabout meに書きましたが自分に大きな衝撃を与えてくれたラーメンです。オープン3年半、満を時してメニューに登場させます。8月限定ですのでぜひご賞味ください!
Ever heard of Tenkaippin? This one is inspired by this shop. As I wrote in my about me section, this ramen was an eye opener for me at 16 years of age. Since then, I have come this far. But after 21 years I go back to my roots by putting this one on the menu. Limited during August only!


Uni Ramen

March 25, 2013

Not there yet. Too predictable.


Severe weather shop closed

January 27, 2013

Today 27th and 28th public holiday.

Blinds fell down, things knocked over, a bit of a disaster way to start the day. Now shop’s closed, staffs gone home, the rain is still going side ways but in the kitchen, i am at peace. with only the sound of the high power burner boiling my Tonkotsu soup, I am taste testing new feb menu “iekei” ramen and tweaking a few details. I love these moments!