Hello My Friend Vietnamese Restaurant

I don’t know whether this is the official name or just a logan but it is proudly mentioned on the signage so that’s how we call it. In Darra, where Darra Station Road hits Ipswich Highway, there is a shopping complex with a grocery shop, fruit & veggie market, butchery and this restaurant.

Brisbane Cityの南西DarraにあるHello My Friendレストランです。ここのウェイター(オーナー?)が非常に個性的で面白い。遠方から友達が遊びにくると必ず連れて行くのは(ここに限らずですが)、このあたりのレストランのMudcrabです。あとBreakfast Creek Hotelという歴史あるパブでステーキとオイスター。追々BC Hotelについてもブログアップすると思います。この2点が僕のすすめるブリスベンの食の観光名所です。

“My friend” is un-missable. He is the most unique waiter in all of Brisbane. You should count how many times he calls you ‘my friend’ during a meal. He has been around for a while. He was at Cam Ran before and before that, he was at Que Hong. He usually singlehandedly waits the entire restaurant. His moves are fast enough to act equivalent to several waiters. He talks fast (though very repetitive), walks fast, brings food fast, etc. But he does forget your fresh lemon soda many times. Just don’t be shy to remind him, as he will tell you.

I found the food variable during lunch time on the several occasions we visited but when we went during dinner time for the first time last night, it was great. We had been saying to my sister-in-law that we should take her to eat a mudcrab but that didn’t happen due to her flying home yesterday and my baby daughter not recovering from her flu during her stay.  Sorry T-chan, to go eat crab the same day you went back to Japan! 

There are 2 regular spots I like to take visitors to. The Breakfast Creek Hotel for a very authentic Aussie meal including the ambience, fresh oysters, their tender rib fillet steak and off the wood beer.  The second one is mudcrab in Darra. I reckon the mudcrabs are best done Asian style and serving them Aussie style such as simply boiled or cold with that ketchup/mayo aka seafood sauce doesn’t do justice to the crab. In Darra, Que Hong is usually my wife’s favourite because it is relatively easily accessible with prams and has a cleaner interior.  Last night, Que Hong was closed so we decided to visit “My Friend”.  The Darra crab pricing is usually $40-50/kg, half of Western style seafood restaurants almost close to some fish markets. 

Sitting outside, we were comfortable with the pram.  We ordered the followings.

Special Beef Noodle Soup 8.50.  The soup sweet, plenty of beef fat flavour and the noodles were firm! 

Hot & Sour Soup 4.00.  Actually pretty good!  I didn’t expect such a good soup from this place. 

Spring Rolls 6.00 for 4pcs.  Not my type.  The chilli sauce made it even more worse. 

Bowl of Rice and Hong Kong (Dry Chilli) Style Mudcrab 1.2kg @ 39.90/KG as pictured above.  Spectacular!  The shallots and garlic chips together with the crab guts make a super topping on the rice!  Just don’t eat the chilli.  They are not for eating as I found out the hard way… 

They also had oysters on special 10 for $20.  I managed to resist the temptation.  Next time,, oysters, next time..  You will be steamed alive with ginger and shallots and be swallowed!

At the end of the meal, I was unpleasantly surprised at the check out and charged 1.2kg x 39.90 for the crab without any prior consultation and I had ordered 1kg of crab specifically.  I found this to be a good lesson for training my staff to always fully inform customers on any ambiguous pricing.  Well everything on the menu and the crab is cheap from the start, the food is good and I like “My Friend” so I will be back for sure.


19 Responses to Hello My Friend Vietnamese Restaurant

  1. Ezs says:

    Great Article! Was searching for the waiter guy “Hello My Friend” as I had it last Saturday Night and found this article. Too bad he doesn’t own the restaurant, as his previous restaurant that he and his wife own has the best Chilli Mud Crab ever!

    But the new restaurant owner and chef doesn’t make any nice chilli crab at all and it tastes like Thai Sweet Chilli cooked crab. Very disappointed! Other than that, other foods are quite nice, but in small portions though. We drove there because we saw hello my friends name in those chinese news paper ads a few months back and also our friends been there as well.

    Sigh, I really wish Hello My Friend didn’t have to sell their restaurant, because it’s probably the best Chill Mudcrab in any Viet restaurant in QLD.

  2. Ezs says:

    Sorry, just got back from holidays.

    Yes, that’s right. It’s not owned by My Friend and he’s working under the management there. He confirmed to us that night a few times and heard by other customers there as well. I am pretty sure he’s still working there though.

    By the way, I am very excited that you have now opened your restaurant and very eager to try it. A bit far from where I work, but I will see if I can try it out later this month once everything is settled down for me.


  3. Koo says:

    hey i just found your blog randomly and i was just wondering where is the exact location of “hello my friend” restaurant? from the comments above,can i still get the chance to eat chilli mudcrab from that restaurant? i’m craving for it!!

  4. From Darra Station, keep driving on Darra Station Rd until you hit Ipswich Highway. There is a market complex on your left and My Friend Restaurant is there.

  5. savaen says:

    Just wondering if you can provide me with an exact address? I have not been to the new place, used to go to Cam Ranh but want to see ‘my friend’ again…thank you

  6. Melanie says:

    If anybody knows where my friend has gone. Please let us know. We loved going to Nha Hang Pho Cafe 33 to see my friend. The mud crab is fantastic but it is just not the same without my friend. I find it hard to go now because it is so sad without him. He really makes the whole experience entertaining. I know many people who would follow him wherever he goes!

    • My friend is gone!? That is so sad! Makes the experience halve without his spasmatic fast talking!

    • linda says:

      His now a waiter at the new renovated restaurant that is called maxim restaurant, they serve very good crab at about 30-35 a kilo when i last visited. They used to be called ‘the menu’, they serve pretty good yum cha during lunch and dinner as well 🙂 It is located at the end of darra station road that meets the highway, you will see a yum cha sign at the front. The restaurant in the shopping complex serves very nice sushi, they just opened and its really cheap! definitely worth a try, hidden gems in darra i say =D

      • Hi Linda, I forgot about your post and just went into Maxim restaurant by chance the other day. Pleasantly surprised to find my friend there. Seems we got related now as he changed his trademark line to “my brother”! Also noted that the old “my friend restaurant is now called “Addiction”. Maxim had actually sold out of mud crab that night and we were disappointed as hell. But was shocked at how cheap our bill was. IF i recall correctly, it was something like $35 all up for a stuffing meal of complimentary soup, 2 yumcha items, pork chop and rice, DIY rice paper roll with springroll, lemon soda, chinese tea.

  7. fayever says:

    Does anyone has the exact address of “Maxim’? Thanks!

    • It’s on the same block as the old my friend restaurant, a bit closer to qr darra station. Just go towards the old restaurant and you can’t miss it!

      • fayever says:

        Thanks taroinbrisbane!

        Went to Maxim with the direction you given this afternoon to check out the exact location coz it is pretty close to my office in Richlands, less than 8mins drive. Didn’t see “Hello My Friend” I guess he works at night? Met a lady and book dinner tomorrow, but was told it is $45 per kg of the mud crab. Anyway, we are going to try this new restaurant tomorrow and hope it will be as nice as the previous restaurant (“Addiction”).

        Miss the Chilli Crab a lot, the last one I had was more than a year ago. Wish to see “Hello My Friend” too, miss his special accent! Will post an update here after tomorrow 🙂

      • Hi Fayever, hope you enjoy your crabs and my friend, maybe he’ll call you brother!

      • fayever says:

        Hi Taro, got back from Maxim couple of hours ago. They were having function but we were sitting upstair same as other public. The chilli mud crab still taste as good as it was before but a bit disappointed of the services. We ordered crispy chicken but it never came even we chased the order few times and have to cancel it. The funny thing was as soon as we paid the bill, it came!! Anyway, everything else is okay, will go again to try the yumcha.

        Met “Hello My friend” and he was so busy serving around, but still the same old “Hello My friend” he called us. 🙂

        If any of you would like to reserve a table and book the crab before you go, here is the number : 3713 7049. They open everyday except Monday and serve Yumcha at night too from 5:30 – 8pm.


      • Hi fayever,
        Thanks for your review! It is quite a big venue so once full with a function as well, I can understand that the service can get a bit patchy! My friend must have been on overdrive!

  8. Amy says:

    Hi is Maxim still open now that the building caught fire a few months ago? I’m actually looking for the seafood restaurant that was in the building but no luck in contacting them, and Darra’s too far to pop by and have a look

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