September Dinner Menu – Onsen Tamago

温泉卵 $5.20

Sous Videがあると完璧な温泉卵が作れます。68度で30分。黄身がかたまり、白身がとろり。もちろん使用するのはQLD内陸のDarling Downsより直送される有機飼育の放し飼いの幸せな鶏のストレスフリーな卵。Taro’s特製のさっぱり醤油出汁とマイクロハーブで。

Sous Vide Egg with Micro Herbs $5.20

68 deg Onsen Tamago.  When you cook eggs at an even 68degrees for a long time, the yolk sets but the whites are still runny.  (Direct oppsosit of our usual soft boiled egg.  Where the technique is applying high heat from the external perimeter to cook the whites and not let the heat penetrate the yolk at the centre.)  The egg is of course our usual organic and stress free happy free roaming chooks from Country Range Farming in the Darling Downs.  The dashi is our special non MSG broth, and micro herbs direct from our veggie patch!




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