Wine Matching

At the table, a master wine maker, a wine philosopher, gourmet IT executive and a Ramen chef. Had a stimulating time discussing wine, food, and appreciation for all passionate expert crafts.

Inkwell viognier savanin. I was fortunate to have winemaker Adrian Kenny talk to me first hand about the soil characteristic of McLarenvale and how to keep the vines just hydrated to create a more aromatic savanin and to match it with oily rich viognier which does so well in the warm climate of the area. A two layer taste wine that coats your mouth with the viognier in the beginning and then the lean crisp aromatic grape seed like acidic second taste which I think is the savagnin. Cuts through the oily tonkotsu nicely.

Salo Chardonnay Yarra valley. A med lean Chardonnay. Matches tonkotsu, enhances the fruitiness of the wine rather than drinking on its own.

Jose the rose. Syrah, Pinot noir. A nice dry rose, having a bit more floralness and slight tannin. Would probably match a more delicate food such as the shoyu in relativity to tonkotsu.

Circe Pinot noir 2011 morning ton peninsula. I embarrassingly asked Jeremy is this a cheap wine? I felt it was awkward and sour. It was in fact a $60 bottle and the tannins and fruitfulness was expressing itself too much. It would change into an elegant wine in 5 years.

I also got Jeremy’s comments that a traditional full on oaky Chardonnay (my favorite) would be a very good match with tonkotsu.

Fascinating time talking with people in complete different fields but surprised to find the passion and values we have are the same. Here we had 4 professionals zealous and proud at each of our crafts and professions and happy to be able to contribute that passion to society.



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