About my blog

ラーメン道 (Ramendo) literally translates as ‘the path of the ramen’.  道 (do) means ‘the path’, or ‘the way’, or can be interpreted as the ‘art of’.  A ‘do’ is essentially an art.  It contains the discipline, the lifestyle and values that the subject art can teach you.  Bushido (Japanese chivalry) is the way of the bushi ie samurai.  茶道=Sado is the art of the tea ceremony.  華道=Kado is the way of the flower arrangement.  Ramendo is a word I have created to describe my interpretation of ‘the path of the ramen’. 

My blog will touch upon my ‘ramendo’ thoughts and activities but will also contain anything from my daily thoughts to any other highlights of my everyday life that is worth reporting to my readers which I assume will be my family, friends and customers.  Because ramen and food in general is my biggest passion, most of my posts will probably be related to food.  I  believe food tastes better when fully appreciating what ingredients has been used or how it has been prepared, thus I will try to introduce such information as a psych-gastronomical aperitif for my customers.


10 Responses to About my blog

  1. Shigeru Nishihara says:




    • 西原様

  2. Marketing at Maccoal says:

    Hello Taro-san!!
    The Maccoal Marketing Team are coming to Lunch next Tuesday 2nd February! There are 7 of us – do we need to make a reservation? Couldn’t find a phone number for you??
    Cheers, Scott

  3. Hey Scott,

    Long time no see!

    Thanks for finding my blog. We are located at Ground Level, Boeing House, 363 Adelaide St, Brisbane QLD 4000. 07-3832-6358. http://www.taros.com.au

    Look fwd to greeting you at Taro’s!!

  4. George says:

    Hello Taro

    Do you have gluten free options?


    • Hi George.
      I am so sorry as I don’t have the allergy but to me, gluten is a beloved word, the essential component that makes ramen’s texture so nice. We knead our wheat flour precisely to get as much gluten interconnected as possible so my ramen will have good firm texture. And ramen or any Japanese cooking is very limited without the use of soy sauce which uses some wheat during the process. So, ramen and gluten free doesn’t usually tick.
      Thus nothing on my regular menu,,, yet. However, I will be starting Shio Ramen, a salt based ramen without any soy. The normal version will feature my homemade wheat noodles and soy flavoured pork etc, but I am thinking I can boil some rice noodles, top with salted pork, a boiled egg, and some salad as a gluten free version. A bit like a Vietnamese Pho. I will try one out and decide to put it on the menu or not.

  5. Shoko Fukusaki says:




  6. David says:

    Hi Taro,

    First of all, I love the ramen at your restaurant. I’ve been wanting to try and cook a ramen at home but I don’t know where to start. Are you able to teach me a basic tonkotsu stock recipe (obviously not your secret recipe, but something I can make at home)? Hope to see you at Taro’s again soon!


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