Tokyo Soba April 2017

Being a noodle freak, soba is another passion.  My preference is thin, not too sweet and preferably no msg. Tempura must be crunchier than usual to add accent to the soba.  

Osakaya Sunaba @ Toranomon

A 300 year old classic.  Amazing.  This is what edomae soba is about. 

Nunotsune Sarashina @ Omori

Beautiful. Another 300 year old classic. Was looking forward to the cool service by the beautiful lady in the kimono but she wasn’t here this day.  I remember talking to my wife, this lady is very impersonal and cold but it just shows how much pride and confidence they have.  Taste has not changed at all, amazing.  

Sobayoshi @ Nihonbashi


One Response to Tokyo Soba April 2017

  1. Michelle says:

    Wow, this looks amazing Taro!
    Will be referring to your posts when I finally make it to Japan (in 2018, fingers crossed!)

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