363 Adelaide St (City Shop) Closure

June 17, 2015


You have provably noticed that our building is being renovated as we continue to operate amidst it all.  

I only have the deepest gratitude towards our hard core customers for braving the noise and continueing to support us. Today in particular the back storage area was flooded from a pipe breakage upstairs and we also had no lighting in the dining area.  Took a few phone calls to get sorted and hoping the issue is fixed for now.  It was stressful to have to serve a full house with patient customers slurping ramen in the dark with a tradie grinding away concrete just next door. More noise and incidents are bound to happen as we continue to trade in a construction site building.  It does seem that the works stop during dinner time and it is pretty quiet so far and impact is minimal except for a few lighting issues making the outside Adelaide street frontage area a bit more moody than the inside dining area.   

I have decided to announce that our city shop will shut shop at end of August (exact day to be announced). Thank you customers for your support for coming to us for the last five years in this location.  We are looking at re-opening at a permanent nearby CBD location in early 2016. When movements are clearer we will update.  

Also if there is a suitable location we are interested in doing a pop up at a interim temporary location and if we do have the luck of this concept materializing, we will certainly also update any such information. 

Thanks again for your tremendous patience and we will do our best to serve you until we close our doors end August.   

Ascot shop will continue to trade as usual.  

Taro Akimoto

Free Extra Noodles (thin) while stocks last or take home 4 for $1

June 10, 2015

Cancellation of some festival events means a good opportunity to give back to regular customers!  




極細麺 替え玉




Angel Hair Kaedama


Later 後出し

Same Time Separate Bowl or 別皿

In the Same Bowl 同丼


お持ち帰り4 $1.00

Take Home 4 for $1.00

While stocks last.

June Monthly Special – Iekei Ramen

May 30, 2015

太郎家特性 家系ラーメン


Iekei Ramen

Iekei Ramen is the regional specialty ramen of Yokohama. A layer of chi-yu (chicken oil) on top of the tonkotsu soup adds stickiness to the soup. The flavouring is a blend of usukuchi and koikuchi shoyu. Matched with thick straight noodles. Topped with large sheets of nori and spinach, memma, charsiu and egg. As always, no MSG, and Taro just loves these homages to authenticity, he has spent a lot of time replicating this style and very very happy with the result. He suggests hungry customers to order with rice. Limited to 10 serves lunch/dinner.



Donation Results

April 27, 2015

Results: Donation Appeal 2015

Japan Earthquake March 2011 / Vanuatu March 2015 / Nepal April 2015

  • Thank you for your warm support during our donation appeal month of March 2015. I am pleased to report that we raised the below funds.
  • $804 from Sendai Karamiso Ramen sold
  • $147.65 cash donations
  • total $951.65
2015.04.27 2150427086980 三菱東京UFJ銀行


普通 7637273

44,361 円

(0 円)

コウエキザイダンホウジン ニツポンザイダン TAROS NOODLES 取引成立
  • With your kind permission, we have donated via UNICEF, 30% of the funds to the children affected by the recent Nepal Earthquake and 20% of the funds to the Vanuatu kids devastated by Cyclone Pam.

Donation details – Ref: AQ1RC00AF53F

Amount (AUD):
Appeal name:
Cyclone Pam Appeal
Appeal name:
Nepal Earthquake Appeal

It’s so saddening to see the never ending occurrence of world wide natural disasters taking the toll of so many innocent lives.  We initially requested customer’s support in raising funds for the Japanese children but there are so many disasters and all of them so cruel, I hope contributing customers can accept my decision in allocating some funds to the respective recent disasters.  I encourage readers to access Unicef and donate whatever you can.  It is so easy, with payments taken from credit cards or paypal.

Regards, Taro

Ascot Open Thru Easter! (CBD will be Closed)

March 28, 2015

Easter & ANZAC Day Trading Schedule


Date                                                CBD                                  Ascot


Apr 2 Thu                                       Open                                 Open

Apr 3 Good Friday                          Closed                               Open*

Apr 4 Easter Sat                             Closed                               Open*

Apr 5 Easter Sun                            Closed                               Open

Apr 6 Easter Mon                           Closed                               Open*

Apr 7 Tue                                        Open                                 Open


Apr 25 Sat Anzac Day                    Closed                               Closed


We’ll try opening Ascot over Easter! It is actually near impossible to trade with penalty wage rates which including super costs amount to around $50 per hour per casual employee so just to try to make it a bit more feasible for us to serve you, on the public holidays, 3rd, 4th and 6th, we ask your cooperation in bearing a small surcharge of $2.00 per adult. Our full time staff including myself will all be working hard and looking forward to seeing you at Ascot!


Thank you! Taro


Taro’s Ramen – Ascot

Izakaya Style with a more diverse Tapas (Otsumami) Menu and Drinks Menu!

1/145 Racecourse Rd

Ascot QLD 4007

Parking at Rear of Shop!


Taro’s Loyalty Program Coming Soon

March 24, 2015

Honestly the economic environment for us minnow restaurants is not getting any better but we have been truly fortunate with amazingly wonderful customers that we wanted to recognize the loyalty of them (you!).

The cards are being printed as we speak and I think we can launch the program sometime soon.

Collect a stamp for every $15 spent and get a reward after every 8 stamps. Your 4th reward is a $20 voucher or official team attire. Choose between apron or t-shirt. The apparel is brought to you by the team at the Print Bar.

I just want to tell the story of how I ended up using them. Finding them was probably fate! I wasn’t happy with the quality of t shirts made at a mega international printing company so I was googling for a local company that can do it at reasonable prices. So I found the Print Bar online and spoke on the phone to set up an appointment and I drove myself down and popped in.

When I walked into the shop, I was greeted with a scream in the face, “Oh my god it’s Taro!! I love your Ramen!!”

And now, I don’t want to sound biased after such a whole hearted greeting from young lady Miss A but the entire team at the Print Bar were a pure delight to do work with till the end. They have such a cool creative vibe flowing in their Windsor Office and workshop. After I passed them the USB containing logos, Mr L edited it into a design on the spot and 1 week later, all finished! Being a local business, I was able to check the quality of the material of the cloth etc and speak to them about different options about longer lasting screen print method etc. and all the designing and printing is done in house right there. Also I don’t know for sure but i felt like I was in a boutique fashion outlet and the various designs (the shapes) of the t-shirts seemed hipster approved coo? Is that an appropriate expression? Anyway not outdated.

Owner of the Print Bar, Jarred and myself in the team colors!

Miss A holding our design screen which physically hold the logo in position which means the design is better quality and longer lasting than a computer printing option.




Tonkotsu Soup

March 17, 2015

Ok, with Ascot up and running and BrisAsia done and dusted, I am continuing my never ending task of bettering the quality of our ramen.

Have recently changed the tonkotsu extraction method to triple extraction. 1st go to get the gelatinous texture and the main source of umami and pork unless of the soup, second go to deepen the flavour, the third go to get the fats all broken down to get a creamy emulsified layer.

Any noticeable difference? Feed back welcome.



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