Bardon community markets

March 1, 2015

Visited this market to say hello to Nikuman Fluffy and to get our weekly fruit and veg.

Breakfast consisted of mince on toast and fresh OJ at little larder, nikuman and gyoza from NF, bratwurst from the GB house, hibiscus iced tea and iced coffee from Wiley fox coffee.

nikuman fluffy is run by a husband and wife couple, the husband being an ex employee of ours and it is probably no coincidence that their nikuman is authentic, home made, all natural, msg free. Attention is given to the detail. The gyoza pan is a japan made heavy steel pan, and the filling is juicy and meaty to my liking! Maki told me that she is experimenting with the recipe and her current recipe involves shio koji (salted fermented rice with live cultures). Shio koji is a wonder seasoning. (We are currently using it in our monthly miso ramen. The koji mold enzymes break down the protein in the meat or soy to create a deeper umami.) The thicker crunchy crust that forms in a pan like this is completely different to a lighter Teflon aluminum pan. It is no wonder that their fan base is growing.

Another stall that caught my eye was the apple and stone fruit farmer from stanthorpe. In the end he struck me with his zeal and sincerity. His prices were slightly higher but I could tell that he was the farmer himself and that there must be good reasoning behind his pricing. His stall wasn’t pleasantly decorated with farmer-esque earthy looking decor or advertised with the magic o-word, his prices weren’t the cheapest, but he simply had a limited supply of limited products in season.

Many people ask me which ramen is the best or my favorite? I seriously answer, “I can’t choose between my children”. Customers who ask that question just laugh thinking what an exaggerated jerk I am. I think this farmer wouldn’t laugh though.

When I started browsing, he asked me whether I had any chooks. When I enquired why, he went on to explain how his stone fruit had become unsaleable due to getting dry from being in the cold room for a week longer due to the storm last week. They looked perfect from the outside and he went in length to explain the precious nature of the fruit which unfortunately was the very last harvest of his beautiful stone fruit crop and that they’re not nice anymore. He gave us a bite. It wasn’t off, the flavour and sweetness and aroma were all good, it was just the texture and juiciness that was compromised. The dry powdery texture you get in fruits that have lost moisture.

I admire and share his absolute pride in standing by the quality of his produce and trying to find a use for the result of his hard work. They are virtually indistinguishable from the outside and he might have been able to sell it for processing purposes or on sell it to a wholesaler or some sort of b grade distribution channel. Instead, he was giving it his best to try to find a home as chicken feed and to personally take responsibility for the fate of his unfortunate produce. He had about 10 different types of pears and apples and proudly lets customers taste test each single type. every apple was crisp and sweet as well as the pears. Being Japanese we opted for some Fuji apples and nashi pears but every single thing he had for sale was just prime. I just felt I have a lot in common with this guy.

















February 24, 2015
We’ll be cooking this Friday in front of the casino.  Hope the weather is good!  Please come and say hi!  I am looking forward to seeing Adam Liaw san.  Taro
Taste of Asia
Taste of Asia
When Friday, February 27, 2015, 11am – 9pm
Cost Free
Venue Reddacliff Place
Venue address 266 George St, Brisbane
Schedule Part of BrisAsia Festival.

Experience delectable delights as Taste of Asia sponsored by Treasury Casino & Hotel opens its bamboo doors from 11am to 9pm on Friday 27 February.

Let your tastebuds explore what is to be offered at the many Asian food stalls or express your inner creativity and make your own lantern at our lantern workshop.

Watch how our celebrity chef Adam Liaw makes his favourite home cooked meal and interact in a lively discussion about Asian comfort food or learn how to make your own edible garden with fresh green Asian vegetables.

Roving entertainment and lively performances will ensure a great day out for the family!

Pork Cartilage Karaage 豚軟骨塩からあげ

February 20, 2015


It’s pretty crunchy. Even for a seasoned nankotsu lover used to chicken cartilage, the pork cartilage is crunchier and chewier so not recommended unless you really like cartilages.

7 serves in Ascot, 5 serves in City.


Where Chefs Eat

February 15, 2015

Wow, what an awesome surprise to find that of all chefs, Ryan Squires, owner chef of Esquire, the only 3 hatted restaurant in brisbane, had recommended us in this guide book. Quite an honor sir, thank you so much, it means a lot to me!



By the way, we are open on Sundays as well (7 days excluding public holidays)

March Special / Thinking of Home – Japan Earthquake Appeal / Sendai Miso Ramen

February 14, 2015

Taste testing next month’s special. Sendai Miso Ramen.

A clean and gentle white koji miso broth (chicken and fish stock) with a side of the signature spicy red miso to change the mood half way down your journey. Matched with thick curly noodles and the traditional toppings consisting of charsiu, memma, cabbage, garlic chives, and a sprinkling of aonori (sea laver).

Homage to the shop that I worked at although for a very short while which was at the center of the damage and all of the earthquake victims in the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami in 2011. 10% of sales will be donated to Hatachi Kikin a NGO fund supporting orphans and kids that were affected by the disaster.


Tori Paitan with smoked ajitama

January 31, 2015

February special available at both Ascot and City in limited quantity.

Similar to the Kyoto Kitashirakawa ramen but made with chicken only and no pork.

Very very heavy chicken broth.

Smoked ajitama available in other ramen as a separate topping. It had rave feed back back in July at the noodle markets. Come and try it! The eggs for the smoked ajitama are free range eggs by the Perry Farm which utilize spacious and sustainable practices but do not have organic accreditation. I am happy with the quality and are trying this out on a commercial basis.

The usual soft boiled eggs topping is still made with our organic free range egg from country range farming unless we advise otherwise.


Zucchini and Brussel Sprouts garlic and sesame

January 31, 2015

Balance out your meal with our seasonal vegetable dish for February.

Zucchini and Brussel sprouts with garlic and sesame.

Available at Ascot and City.



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