Tokyo Ramen 2017 April

Was in Tokyo for a few days so had some ramen.  

Nantsuttei @ Shinagawa

Kumamoto style good quality tonkotsu with black garlic oil and high density tonkotsu soup. Characteristic round cut noodles slightly reminiscent of spaghetti. 

Afuri @ Nakameguro

Yuzu Shoyu ramenyuzu shio ramen.  When i did my artisan shio ramen, customer said i should try this shop and it turns out it is of very good pedigree.  It is run by the Nakamura family.  Chef Nakamura is famous for his “Sky High noodle draining.  I have high respect for him who is currently in the centre of the US ramen boom. 
His creations from the Nakamuraya days are all high quality, no msg, very subtle, attention to the detail.  Using binchotan to grill the charsiu and using Yamanashi mineral water for his soup.  
Sora @ Higashi Nihonbashi

Ginsasa @ Shinbashi

Mugi to Olive @ Ginza

Was tough decision between chicken heavy soup tsukemen and the triple soup ramen.  Shallot Olive Oil. Poster saying they use Toribushi or dried chicken, a new stock ingridient I think invented by Minoru Sano.

Ikaruga @ Ichigaya 

Opted for the regular ramen.  Was blown away.  I could not fault a thing with the soup.  Pork, chicken and katsuo all expressed masterfully.  Recommended!  Exterior.  They don’t even have a sign up. Apparently they are “pre-open” and are still training but it’s been like that for 1-2years?  I walked past without noticing.  So look for the blank sign!  


One Response to Tokyo Ramen 2017 April

  1. Michelle says:

    Bookmarking this post!
    No better way to do Tokyo than a ramen crawl 🙂
    ps: Loving the cosy interiors and dark-toned wood surfaces – reminds me of your fit-out at 480 Queen St.

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