Sophia’s Gourmet @ Clayfield

February 27, 2015

An absolute gem in Clayfield. Giuseppe churns out all the dishes himself and customers all understand the beauty of this business. Hence patient loyal customers flock to be guests at Giuseppe’s kitchen.

We had the fish of the day, swordfish with a magnificent cherry tomato and olive sauce, a tantisimo tasting plate (the sweet eggplant dish and the rolled pork belly!) and the pasta of the day which was a penne. Giuseppe made us some kids bolognese as well and sampled some dessert (Italian choc chip ice cream, almond meal cake and a cylinder shaped pastry.

When I meet passionate foodies like Giuseppe, it gives me energy to continue what i do!











Best friends @ fortitude valley

August 23, 2014

In the mcwhirter’s food court, there is a filipino takeaway shop the locals recommend. I tried the fish head soup, it was awesome!



Samurais Paradise @ Surfers Paradise

August 18, 2014

Samurais Paradise on Urbanspoon

Never knew this gem existed. Authentic yakiotri restaurant in the heart of Surfers. Yakitori skewers are very moorish and I can get carried away on an empty stomach but if you mix up rice dishes etc, the overall menu is very very cheap. Everything is good but the veggie skewers with cheese is a hit for me. In the rice dish section, sampara don (chicken namban ie karaage with vinagerrete and taretare with rice) is one you can’t miss. The curry they had on special was very nice too.

Red Hut Hunan Restaurant @ Spring Hill

August 14, 2014

There are a number of eateries in the Boundary Rd strip now serving dinner.
Little Mykonos Taverna is a nice souvlaki place and Bishamon is popular Japanese restaurant.

And a new found favorite is Red Hut Hunan restaurant. Tucked away from the street is a spacious restaurant specializing in authentic Hunan cuisine. Awesome with beer. The prices are cheap and so space for our kids and pram.

Red Hut Hunan Restaurant on Urbanspoon







Yeshi Buna @ Moorooka

July 8, 2014

Yeshi Buna Ethio African on Urbanspoon
Felt like trying something different. Ethiopian food at Yeshi Buna. I ordered veggie combo and meat combo. Very clean and tidy interior shop situated in a modern shopping complex. Good mix of flavors and textures. The injera a traditional sour dough crepe / flat bread is fluffy but distinctly sour and goes well with the stews. We are suggested to eat with hands as per the tradition. Enjoyed the experience and the taste. Would like to try some other types of food next time.



Il Locale

July 2, 2014

Il Locale on Urbanspoon

Inspiring good stuff. Pizza dough fresh, proper wood oven, the tagliatelle of wild boar amazing subtle but strong umami. Quality is 10 levels above home cooking. The croquette of dried cod and potato not bad but didn’t work for me.







Gowan Road Chinese Restaurant @ Sunnybank Hills

April 13, 2014

Gowan Road Chinese Restaurant (菜香小館) on Urbanspoon

Had a catch up weekday dinner with our regular customer the T family.

Being guided by Taiwanese RT San, I was in good hands.

There are many Chinese restaurants in Brisbane but it was my first time to come across one that serves proper Taiwanese style.

RT San did the ordering and we were blessed with beautiful food from beginning to the end.

Seafood and tofu soup with a good sprinkling of chopped coriander.

Chilli Prawns.

Black pepper steak dish.

Simmered pork belly with preserved pickles and plum.

Kuushin Sai. Hollow vegetable with garlic.

Sweet soy Chicken.

Crisp fried soul with mild spices.

Always inspiring to talk and never ending discussion about cultural differences and food adventures. Thanks T family!

Gowan Road Chinese Restaurant
Shop 10, 156 Gowan Road
SBH Qld 4109