Scenario – Degustation Dinner Dec 8th 2012

November 25, 2013

This is completely untimely being 11months away but forgot to post…

Before the film crew came out for my second degustation dinner, for my first degustation dinner, I had drafted a scenario of what I wanted to explain with each drink and dish. Considering the flow of the evening and mindful of food getting cold etc., I wasn’t able to explain fully all the information behind the dishes, drinks and food pairing, so where else to talk about it to my heart’s content other than this blog!

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Pizza Miltonio and My Thai Kitchen @ Milton

December 10, 2012

Decided to get some takeaway and watch a movie with the kids. These two takeaway outlets are side by side in the Milton shopping centre.

Pizza Miltonio on Urbanspoon

The meatlovers pizza had a bit of bbq sauce on it, it was heartily approved by my daughters. The ribs, a generous serving for $10 is a beef rib, could have used a bit more base marinating or some sort of flavour pickling as it didn’t have that much taste aside from the outer part that was coated in the BBQ sauce. But the texture and overall satisfaction is good due to its good value. The roast potatoes on the side were a pleasant bonus too.

My Thai Kitchen on Urbanspoon

The Thai kitchen has a very impressive well coordinated shop front. A lot of good sense involved. The spring rolls very nice and sweet chilli sauce had a nice home made feel. They had a 2 year anniversary special going and offered 5 dollar pad Thai so got it. Very nice. The laksa was a little too mild and sweet from my standards. The pad Thai perhaps to some degree. But anyway good fresh feel, all the veggies seafood and tofu were fresh and good texture. Might ask if it is possible to make it less sweet next time. But that’s coming from a person who has no idea about thai food. Their coordinated marketing is something special and it’s really creating a feel good vibe.

Also pictured, taste testing a mclarenvale Shiraz in different glasses. Surprisingly, it tasted bad in the Pinot glass! Too much alcohol hitting your mouth. I thought the glasses were more about the aroma so once again shoked to feel such a big difference of exactly same wine by just different glasses. In our house we don’t have a Shiraz glass but the two other glasses worked well.
Matched with a double cheese cracker sticks and some coppas from samios.







Catalina Sounds Pinot Noir

November 24, 2012

Astounding how different the wine tastes in different glasses. As the wise French people figured, my Catalina Sounds Pinot tastes best in a Pinot glass. It’s all fermented grape and how can the aroma flow so differently!?


1996 Penfolds 389 with Bangalow Sweet Pork Collar-but Roast

September 26, 2012

M san and S san invited us over for an indulgent roast lunch. Properly cellared 389 and a perfect roast. I was very happy!!

As S san was preparing the roast, I noticed the pork was Bangalow Sweetpork so I pointed out that it was exactly the same pork and cut that we use for our charsiu. S san humbly replied “pressure is on” but I was blown away how perfect he finished the crackling and also maintained the juiciness of the roast. The fennel seed juis and side garnishes were as exquisite. For some reason Dutch carrots seems to match pork very well.

Aside from the very entertaining host, with a designated driver and a breast feeding mother at the same table, I drank to my heart’s content. Very very luxurious way to get drunk in deed. Thank you so much S san and M san!






Wine Tasting

September 26, 2012

Tasting two Rieslings courtesy of Jeremy. Galafrey from Mt Barker WA and clos Clare from Watervale in the Clare Valley SA.

Both very nice, but found the clos Clare to be more attractive to me. More texture and fruit. Lesson learned, although chilled wine is attractive for crispness and just that thirst quenching throat feel, chilling in moderation is the best way to enjoy texture in riesling wines.

Gochisosama desita Jeremy!



AK wine tasting

September 13, 2012

Invited to a tasting of AK wines, also showcasing Inkwell wines and Story Wines.

All made from boutique small batch producers with love. And of course, delicious and interesting wines as a result. Interesting to hear Adrian explain his Temperanillos as the good daughter and the bad daughter. 2009 Temp being my favorite out of all the wines showcased he explains this is the good child, getting good marks at school. It’s very mild, perfectly medium bodied, no undesirable traits, just plain moreish. 2010 on the other hand a problem child. Tannins and strong aromas creating an unbalanced impression but will be interested to see how the characters will mature after a couple years in the cellar. Adrian has high regards for the winery the grapes were sourced employing a biodynamic farming method. The Zinfandel also an interesting one, light body with a raisin like nose.

Thank you so much Adrian for the opportunity to taste your creations and always inspirational to talk to you!




Wine tasting Arete wines and Bird on a Wire Marsanne

September 13, 2012

Monday afternoon, tasting a lot of Arete wines with winemaker Richard Bate and with Jeremy Pringle from Wine Will Eat Itself.

Firstly the bottle Jeremy brought, Bird on a Wire Marsanne 2011.

A visible straw yellow colour.
Product of malolactic fermentation or was it contact with oxygen? A pleasant oily texture and mild acidity, i dont know how other to describe but a taste i like comparable to a pleasant cellared semillon from my limited past wine tasting experiences. Also according to my wobbly notes a mention of hints of Volatile Acidity which is supposedly a fault giving off a not clean taste but also a character building element some producers like Penfolds highly value.

Arête Sav Blancs
2009 being 2 years from release, still quite young, acidity still quite strong, probably due to the then orthodox sav blanc wine making procedures.
2010 really mild, can taste the malolactic being introduced in this vintage also some skin contact to complicate the texture and flavor.
2011 again more textural than sav Blancs that I am used to.

Jeremy explains that the capsicum aroma of youngish sav Blancs that are main stream are created without any oxygen contact or malolactic for that really characteristic crisp sharp taste.

Arete challenges that and i find it an interesting way to taste the grape.

Arête chatterbox shiraz
2008 apparently a not good vintage too sweet dry fruit characteristic. too much heat creating this. I didn’t mind. I thought it was quite an interesting wine with a strong perfume like scent.
2009 masculine big bold. Long aftertaste.
2010 similar to 09.
2011 perfume again, partly due to grapes from kanungra area of the barossa being famous for a nice aroma but again according to the expert, a fault of the grape not carrying too much body but just the sweetness and perfume scent, this year due to rainy weather, I found it very drinkable.

Arete Single Vineyard Greenock Shiraz
The premium single origin wines, hard to find a flaw, all balanced full body Shiraz from the best Shiraz area in the country.
2008 Slightly sweet? But nice!
2009 well balanced masculine wine with a long finish. very moreish.
2010 nice..

Always truly stimulating to talk to passionate foodies (and winies!).

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