City Shop closed

August 30, 2015

Thank you our City Shop has now closed..


<Sept 4th POP UP Night>

Please come to our POP UP shop on Sept 4th Friday evening 6pm to 10pm at Strauss Café 189 Elizabeth St, in the laneway opposite Hilton Hotel. 


<Ascot Shop>

Also please visit our Ascot shop, 145 Racecourse Rd Ascot


<Sept 7th New City Shop>

We will reopen on Sept 7th for lunch and dinner on 288 Edward St with a limited menu.  

Feedback Re Night Noodle Markets – Tonkotsu Soup

August 6, 2015

Hi everyone,

The recipe of the current shop’s tonkotsu soup and the night noodle market soup is a little different. The ingredients are exactly the same but the technique is slightly different aiming a different result in each.  For the markets, I don’t reduce the soup as much and emulsify the soup more, creating a lighter creamier soup intended to be more acceptable to the general public who may be having ramen for the first time.  The shop’s soup on the other hand is reduced more and intended to be more gelatinous and stickier and more intense pork flavours with medium emulsification.   Honestly, the shop’s soup requires more processes and there is much more room for error and I admit it is not always consistent.

I had some feed back at the markets some of which were strongly in favour of the market soup.  To the extent that they told me they were disappointed with the shop’s soup.  Can you provide your feed back on what you think?

2015 Brisbae Night Noodle Marketsが終了しました。マーケット用のスープとお店のスープは材料は一緒ですが、狙いが若干違います。マーケットは一般のラーメンを初めて食べる方にも受け入れてもらえるよう軽めで臭みがない高乳化スープを作っています。一方でお店はより豚骨の味をという事で煮つめて濃度を高めて、少しゼラチン感のある中乳化スープとしております。正直お店の方が工程が難しくばらつきがある事は自覚しておりますが、皆様の忌憚なき意見をお聞かせください。

Free Extra Noodles until stocks run out

August 2, 2015

Night Noodle Markets went well but lots of noodles left over.  Once again, free noodles for everybody!  Hurry in stocks only available for several days.


極細麺 替え玉


Angel Hair Kaedama

Later 後出し

Same Time Separate Bowl or 別皿

In the Same Bowl 同丼

お持ち帰り4玉 $1.00

Take Home 4 for $1.00

While stocks last at both Ascot and CITY.

QLD Top 10 Japanese Restaurants

August 1, 2015

Thank you Good Food Guide for the pick!  Nice pictures too, except me in the background with a sweaty t-shirt…


363 Adelaide St (City Shop) Closure

June 17, 2015


You have provably noticed that our building is being renovated as we continue to operate amidst it all.  

I only have the deepest gratitude towards our hard core customers for braving the noise and continueing to support us. Today in particular the back storage area was flooded from a pipe breakage upstairs and we also had no lighting in the dining area.  Took a few phone calls to get sorted and hoping the issue is fixed for now.  It was stressful to have to serve a full house with patient customers slurping ramen in the dark with a tradie grinding away concrete just next door. More noise and incidents are bound to happen as we continue to trade in a construction site building.  It does seem that the works stop during dinner time and it is pretty quiet so far and impact is minimal except for a few lighting issues making the outside Adelaide street frontage area a bit more moody than the inside dining area.   

I have decided to announce that our city shop will shut shop at end of August (exact day to be announced). Thank you customers for your support for coming to us for the last five years in this location.  We are looking at re-opening at a permanent nearby CBD location in early 2016. When movements are clearer we will update.  

Also if there is a suitable location we are interested in doing a pop up at a interim temporary location and if we do have the luck of this concept materializing, we will certainly also update any such information. 

Thanks again for your tremendous patience and we will do our best to serve you until we close our doors end August.   

Ascot shop will continue to trade as usual.  

Taro Akimoto

Free Extra Noodles (thin) while stocks last or take home 4 for $1

June 10, 2015

Cancellation of some festival events means a good opportunity to give back to regular customers!  




極細麺 替え玉




Angel Hair Kaedama


Later 後出し

Same Time Separate Bowl or 別皿

In the Same Bowl 同丼


お持ち帰り4 $1.00

Take Home 4 for $1.00

While stocks last.

June Monthly Special – Iekei Ramen

May 30, 2015

太郎家特性 家系ラーメン


Iekei Ramen

Iekei Ramen is the regional specialty ramen of Yokohama. A layer of chi-yu (chicken oil) on top of the tonkotsu soup adds stickiness to the soup. The flavouring is a blend of usukuchi and koikuchi shoyu. Matched with thick straight noodles. Topped with large sheets of nori and spinach, memma, charsiu and egg. As always, no MSG, and Taro just loves these homages to authenticity, he has spent a lot of time replicating this style and very very happy with the result. He suggests hungry customers to order with rice. Limited to 10 serves lunch/dinner.




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