食育/Food Education 2

May 20, 2016


“Food Education 2”

There are actually quite a few “little” big fans of our ramen especially the dashi driven Shio, shoyu and tsukemen. These guys actually choose us as their birthday meals over McDonald’s. I am quite flattered and am slightly moved thinking that I am contributing a bit to a future of eating well.

I try to flood my normal adult customers with information about the technique, source and passion that goes into my bowl but that kind of intellectual overload aside,  the kids just simply love our flavour. Some of us adults including me, have been crammed with overwhelming flavours for a long time that we have just become so used to overloaded flavours and we just keep on wanting more stimulation or unconsciously leaning towards heavier flavours. The kids on the other hand have the most sensitive palates. They usually dislike spicy or too strong flavours. I think that is the way they should be. Their palate will naturally mature and start to want the spiciness or the stimulation as they grow older but while they are young their palate should be free to explore the various different foods within subtle natural flavours and that should hone their sense of taste and make them able to appreciate subtle differences. Once they are introduced to heavy or artificial flavours, it could be detrimental to their palate growth and building a sense of taste refined enough to enjoy the various flavours in the world, let alone growing up healthily, period. I find it intriguing and humbled that kids find the Shio or the shoyu to be a favourite in their field of subtle natural flavours.

Thanks kids and thanks parents for educating their palates right!


実はTaro’s Ramen、意外にもお子様のファンが多いんです。特に出汁の効いた塩や醤油、つけ麺などを好んで誕生日などの日に指定してくれる子が多いのです。後は、ご帰国された方とお話をする際に子供がTaro’sのラーメンが食べたいと言っているとも良く言われます。






September Dinner Menu – Onsen Tamago

September 6, 2014

温泉卵 $5.20

Sous Videがあると完璧な温泉卵が作れます。68度で30分。黄身がかたまり、白身がとろり。もちろん使用するのはQLD内陸のDarling Downsより直送される有機飼育の放し飼いの幸せな鶏のストレスフリーな卵。Taro’s特製のさっぱり醤油出汁とマイクロハーブで。

Sous Vide Egg with Micro Herbs $5.20

68 deg Onsen Tamago.  When you cook eggs at an even 68degrees for a long time, the yolk sets but the whites are still runny.  (Direct oppsosit of our usual soft boiled egg.  Where the technique is applying high heat from the external perimeter to cook the whites and not let the heat penetrate the yolk at the centre.)  The egg is of course our usual organic and stress free happy free roaming chooks from Country Range Farming in the Darling Downs.  The dashi is our special non MSG broth, and micro herbs direct from our veggie patch!



Taro’s Ramen – Ascot

September 2, 2014

We are quietly open for business.

The ascot shop is situated on Racecourse Rd and our concept is a relaxing atmosphere with wine and tapas. We will be offering over 20 wines by the glass and some more tapas variations good for sharing.

Riedel stemware and vintec wine cabinet.

Handmade tables by me!

また、駐車場完備 です。新店舗ではラーメン各種はもちろん、ゆっくりとお食事をしていただく為Dinner限定のおつまみの種類を拡充、そしてリーズナブルなワインを多数楽しんで頂く事に力を入れており、City店よりもカジュアルなワインリストをそろえ、グラス売りだけで20種類以上のワインをご用意しております。完全に店主の趣味の世界ですが、ワインの保管にはVintecのワインキャビネット、グラスはすべてRiedel(SparklingはPlumm)でご提供させていただきます。

Taro’s Ramen – Ascot
1/145 Racecourse Rd Ascot QLD 4007




Upgrade to Tonkotsu Soup / 豚骨スープの改良について

May 26, 2014

Upgrade to Tonkotsu Soup

Tonkotsu, Red Tonkotsu and Fire Tonkotsu Ramen
$1.00 discount until upgrade is complete.

We have started to utilize pressure cooking of our soup and are currently tweaking the recipe and methods. The benefits of pressure cooking are 1) able to get a denser more freshly gelatinous soup, 2) fuel efficient = ecofriendly, 3) supply quantity increases. As of today, the resulting soup tastes beautiful using the same ingredients as before but the taste does not maintain until the end of the day. When the soup is fresh (this is best at 11:30 beginning of lunch shift) the soup is gelatinous, rich and tastes wonderful. However during the course of the day, it gradually loses emulsification and becomes light. This is what we are trying to improve. In the meantime, we will continue to serve Tonkotsu ramen but just as a token of our appreciation for your understanding, we will discount $1.00. Thank you for your cooperation. We certainly welcome any feedback and will reflect in our upgrading process.






Scenario – Degustation Dinner Dec 8th 2012

November 25, 2013

This is completely untimely being 11months away but forgot to post…

Before the film crew came out for my second degustation dinner, for my first degustation dinner, I had drafted a scenario of what I wanted to explain with each drink and dish. Considering the flow of the evening and mindful of food getting cold etc., I wasn’t able to explain fully all the information behind the dishes, drinks and food pairing, so where else to talk about it to my heart’s content other than this blog!

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Garde Timber

November 8, 2012

We love to do business with local independent businesses with great ideas. Garde Timber is a specialty timber merchant that I came across by chance. They are situated in Moorooka and when we passed them by, the rustic furniture display caught my eye. We have been eyeing an opportunity to incorporate their beautiful timber in our decor and finally with some time and money we have replaced our counter tabletop with an exquisite single piece vintage red gum finished magnificently with a natural edge and finish. Pls come in and sit at this new counter and tell us what you think! If you are looking to add a rustic or warm touch of wood to your home I strongly recommend getting in touch with Brod Garde! Thanks Brod!




29 Sept 2012 Riverfire

September 28, 2012

Riverfire fireworks tomorrow between 7:00-7:30pm. Get a good look from our viewing area!