Tonkotsu Soup Update 豚骨スープ改良続報

I recently brought it back to a less emulsified style. You will notice less white color. A layer of small oil dots and darker beige soup.

Less creaminess and more straight on pork flavors. I am now over the full on creamy phase and prefer the gelatinous and porky soup.

Along with this, salt content was reduced because the emulsification used to mask the saltiness as well and there is no need now.

I had one negative feed back from a customer that she preferred the full cream version but overall, many good feedback. I think it tastes very close to original soup but stronger collagen feel and fresh pork flavors.

Only noticeable big difference is that due to the emulsification bond on the soup being low, the oil completely becomes clear and the soup turns very dark once you stop eating. As always, I prefer not to add chemicals ie soy lecithin or xanthan gum etc to cope but rely on my trusty old stick blender to provide the small level of emulsification I feel is right so please do me a favor and enjoy it quickly.

現在はご覧の通り、真っ白ではなく乳化をだいぶ抑えた従来の48時間煮込みのTaro’sのスープに近い形で落ち着いています。圧力鍋で濃度は従来の20%増しですし、コラーゲンの感じ、豚の風味が、最近Night Noodle Markets前後の時期に採用していた乳化多めのスープよりこっちの方がダイレクトに伝わり気に入っています。乳化を抑えるとタレの塩度が立つため、タレの量も減らしています。スープの乳化具合をちょうどいい具合にキープするための乳化剤(レシチン、キサンサンガムなど)を投入する方法もあるようですが、そこは絶対に当店のポリシーでありえないので直前にスティックブレンダ―で弱めに乳化をかけて食べごろで提供しています。食べ追わったころには乳化が解けて脂の層と黒っぽいスープの層になってしまいます。ぜひそうなる前にお召し上がりください。味のFeedbackもしありましたらよろしくお願いします。




2 Responses to Tonkotsu Soup Update 豚骨スープ改良続報

  1. Sunny says:

    I agree with you that when you originally had the very creamy version, it was good. But after a few times, I got over it, and actually moved on to other items on your menu (tsukenmen in particular).
    Looking forward to trying this change.

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