Fugunoko / blowfish roe (poisonous!!)

April 13, 2014

Blowfish or fugu is known as a delicacy with a fatal attraction.

This delicate firm white fleshed fish is discovered thanks to the sacrifice of numerous foodies that have fallen victim to the fish’ deadly toxins contained in the roe and blood vessels.

The fish needs to be cut by a licensed chef and the roe, toxic enough to kill nine adult men must be stored in locked tin containers before getting disposed of properly.

So eating fugunoko or blowfish roe is even to a Japanese an act of pure lunacy. When i saw this product at a shop specializing in rural produce from north central japan, I was intrigued. I purchased and investigated and apparently people of Ishikawa have figured out that if you preserve the roe in salt and rice bran for 2 years, the toxins become benign and edible.

So I had it for snacks one midnight.

… It could be physiological but it might make the alcohol go around a bit more potently.

Taste… really really salty so I am working on creative ways of consuming it.

I mixed it with creme fraiche to top on some canapés for entertaining and it created a good talking point!


Gowan Road Chinese Restaurant @ Sunnybank Hills

April 13, 2014

Had a catch up weekday dinner with our regular customer the T family.

Being guided by Taiwanese RT San, I was in good hands.

There are many Chinese restaurants in Brisbane but it was my first time to come across one that serves proper Taiwanese style.

RT San did the ordering and we were blessed with beautiful food from beginning to the end.

Seafood and tofu soup with a good sprinkling of chopped coriander.

Chilli Prawns.

Black pepper steak dish.

Simmered pork belly with preserved pickles and plum.

Kuushin Sai. Hollow vegetable with garlic.

Sweet soy Chicken.

Crisp fried soul with mild spices.

Always inspiring to talk and never ending discussion about cultural differences and food adventures. Thanks T family!

Gowan Road Chinese Restaurant
Shop 10, 156 Gowan Road
SBH Qld 4109








The Flaming Olive @ Fortitude Valley

April 13, 2014

The Flaming Olive opened up last week and I visited them with my friend @sushichefshin.

Head chef Wayne has worked with Shin and many other chefs in numerous high end restaurants as well as gaining some experience in Japan.

I saw the future of Brisbane dining scene. Haute cuisine techniques and beautiful presentation in a casual atmosphere and less formal service and cheaper prices. Much more food focused and slightly easy on the wallet making it a more usual affair rather than for special occasions.

We had Wayne serve us his recommendations. He started us off with three chilled dishes. The artisan cured salmon, pickled beet root, poached chicken in master stock.

To follow, the mains. Grilled spatchcock with salsa, slow cooked lamb shoulder, sautéed mushroom with onsen tamago.

Desserts, blueberry merengue with lemon curd and passion fruit parfait.

The savory main of lamb shoulder had been slow cooked in a garlic and EVO minimalist marinade and finished with a chicken juis based sauce. Tender and juicy with contrasting different meat stock was inspiring and delicious. More delicate and subtle contrasting chicken based sauce enhancing the lamb flavor.

My favorite was the poached chicken. Cooked at a low temperature keeping 100% of the inherent moisture . Any bad smells of raw chicken is non existent and a slight firmness and saltiness and umami from the stock has been transferred as well as firmened texture. Matches nicely with a creamy cauliflower purée. Personally I might prefer a slightly bolder acidity hit rather than the accompanying creme fraiche. But anyway the texture is wonderful and such a delightful way to start the meal.

Thanks Wayne and Shin for a wonderful time.











April Special / Scallop Shio Ramen

April 1, 2014






しっかりした歯応え、十分なうまみ、QLD北部、Hervey Bay産の帆立は隠れた逸品です。あっさりした中にも食べ応えを、帆立を主役に仕立てた素材引き立て系のヘルシー創作ラーメンです。今回の一皿のために仕上げたオーストラリア産のライ麦を練りこんだ平打ち麺は爽やかで地元産のDillのピュレソースとレモンの酸味とよく合います。チャーシューは主張が少ないBangalow Sweet Porkの塩ロース。名物のOrganic Free Range煮卵も入ります。1日限定10食前後。








Scallop Shio Ramen



The April special is a healthy fusion ramen. The Hervey Bay scallops are juicy and plump, definitely one of QLD’s finest produces. I have created a flat noodle with 30% Aussie Rye grains that adds a slight grassy scent to the dish. Local dill sauce and lemon with a shio soup with extra scallop extract creates a nice stage for the Scallops that have been seared rare. Of course enjoy the usual sides of the Darling Downs organic free range egg and Bangalow Sweetpork Salt Loin Charsiu.




Results: 2014 Donation Appeal Week 3.11.11 Japan Earthquake

March 25, 2014

Thank you for your warm support during our donation appeal week March 9-15.  I am pleased to report that we raised the below funds. It has been 3 years now but the overwhelming support is very heartwarming.  Thanks Everyone!   

  • $1035 from ramen sold during the week

  • $123.45 cash donations

  • total $1158.45

  • exchanged at (RBA rate 17/03/2014) 91.87 yen = 106,426yen



 三菱東京UFJ銀行  本店  普通 7637273

 106,426 円   (0 円)

 コウエキザイダンホウジン ニツポンザイダン

 アキモト タロウ



Donation Appeal Week 3.11.11 Japan Earthquake

March 6, 2014

We at Taro’s continue our ongoing support for the orphans of the disaster 3 years ago.   We will donate $1.00 from each bowl of ramen sold between March 9-15.  Three years since March 11th 2011 (earthquake and tsunami of Tohoku, Japan)  Kids lost entire families in front of their eyes, living as orphans. We would like to help the orphans by donating to The Hatachi Fund (http://www.hatachikikin.com/en_about.html).  Come show your support next week!


March Special

February 26, 2014


陶芸家の浦西健司氏とTaro’s Ramenがコラボ。

Kenji Uranishi X Taro’s Ramen – a subtle collaboration -

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