3rd Artisan Series – Spanner Crab Ramen

Hopefully as our readers are aware we have the titled event on sale. 

Last week I visited the supplier Fraser Isle Spanner Crabs at Mooloolaba to get an insight on the beautiful produce we are introducing.  Their passion is Spanner Crabs, they stick to completely sustainable practices, they stick to their quota, follow the seasons, release the littlies and the females.   

I can’t stress enough of my passion for eating against the main stream.  With every kg of eye fillet there is a kg of cheek or tail or tongue that is IMHO as good as the fillet sometimes getting wasted.  We at Taro’s Ramen are all against that.  The same situation exists with Fraser Isle.  As they produce their succulent prized deshelled crab meat, most of the head meat is being dumped as fertiliser feed.  In Japan, we cherish the meat as well as the head meat and I wanted to introduce the intense flavour that can be extracted from fresh crab head meat to my customers and maybe the general public and help the crabs get a bit more recognition for their robust contribution they can provide to the palate.  

And to publicly state our message, where else is more appropriate than wandering cooks?  They share the same ethics as we do and I saw it a natural course of things to present the 3rd artisan event at the edgy warm vibed venue.  

If you are interested in the event, there are about 10 tickets left so please act quickly.  

Taro’s Ramen – Artisan Series – Spanner Crab Ramen
by Taro’s Ramen


Sat. 22 July 2017
5:30 pm – 9:00 pm


Hi, my name is Taro. I’ve been a foodie all my life but jumped into ramen 7 years ago. Just genuinely following my greedy instincts ever since, creating ramen with all sorts of ingredients traditional and off-centre. This time around, I got approached by a like minded crab fisherman, Jason from https://fraserislespannercrab.com. He told me about his passion of the pure taste of the fascinating creature being the local spanner crab, and the opportunity of utilizing parts of the crab that simply does not have a commercial value. History of ramen evolved exactly from this. Pork and chicken bones being utilized to make a hearty soup and filling up hungry folks. Jason and I got excited and I jumped right into it.

Tonkotsu Crab Soup. I will blend in the crab shells into a highly emulsified Tonkotsu soup. The delicate sweetness of the crab will be bound together with the richness of the pork bones. The aromatic oil is carefully made by slow cooking the head meat in olive oil at 120 degrees. The resulting bright red oil gives the ramen it’s signature character.

Pork Charsiu. I will go for a simple salt and koji cured bangalow sweet pork charsiu with this one.

Noodles. Tonkotsu style noodles but will be broader to provide a bit more bite.

Tomato Crab Salsa. Use this to change the flavour at the middle of your meal. It will turn into a bisque type broth.

Apologies, (Allergy Warning), people who can not eat crustacean or pork can not be catered for in this event.

The event is family friendly and very accessible. Ticket is required only to pre-purchase your ramen, entry is free and open to anyone. Wandering Cooks will arrange a food vendor to sell other nibbles along with the wonderful bar focusing on local beers and wine.

Our Mission: To deliver the safest and the most delicious bowl of ramen ever to Australia. Taro trusts his sense and taste more than anything when it comes to selecting ingredients. Our ramen does not contain any MSG or preservatives and we only use the best natural ingredients. The produce that requires freshness is sought out locally and dry goods etc are gathered from personally trusted suppliers in Japan. Please enjoy the “real flavor” Taro has created by using the best ingredients and his best recipes.  

Taro’s Ramen – Artisan Series – Spanner Crab Ramen


Wandering Cooks

1 Fish Lane, South Brisbane, QLD 4101



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