Introducing Kingaroy Pork / Adam’s Continental Smallgoods

Busy times!  Ascot is getting really busy as well as the CBD temp shop.  The season is getting nice for a bowl of ramen.  

This week for the first time, we were short on our usual Bangalow Sweetpork so I had to take alternative measures.  I usually go to Prime Specialty Meats at James and Gasworks to get the same Bangalow sweetpork but I had already bought their stock out so I needed to think quick.  

I took fellow chef David Pugh’s ( advice and got in touch with Adam Junior and Margaret of Adam’s Continental Smallgoods see if I can get some neck for my charsiu.  I had been treated a sample of their Pork from David before and knew the quality was top notch and after a chat with Margaret and Adam, I am happy to reaffirm my view on quality and happy to have found a real honest gem of a smallgoods manufacturer.  The Croatian family know a thing or two being in the butcher trade and Smallgoods manufacturing for 32 years and they have a direct route from Kingaroy to get only the best quality female pigs in.  Adam was able to supply me with 10 rolls of the neck so I will advise to customers that during the next few days, your charsiu might be Kingaroy pork instead of Bangalow Sweetpork.  I will guarantee that they are just as nice, a tad leaner and smaller but just as juicy and sweet, we have a 25 gram weight portion control standard for the charsiu serves so you won’t be disadvantaged. I hope you can accept my and restaurant Two’s selection criteria as satisfactory and accept the possibility of getting Kingaroy pork charsiu instead. It will only be for the standard soy flavoured neck charsiu and our soup and pork cheek and belly are all still Bangalow Sweetpork.  

Adam gave me a tour of the deboning, spicing, fermenting, drying, smoking, aging stages and Margaret treated me to sample the wide range from chilli infused wursts, prosciutto, smoked ham, liver wurst, etc, etc.  She kept on asking do you like liver? Do you like ham? Do you like bologne?  Do you like Black Forest prosciutto?  Hey I mustn’t tell a lie!  
We talked about potential future bone supply as well as I might be tight on bones too after my 480 Queen St shop starts up and I left a happy boy out of their factory shop with a big bag of their goodies which I am about to eat with some beer. 

Happy Days!  


Margaret on the slicer cutting me some Black Forest prosciutto.  Melted in my mouth.  


Old fashioned speck being hanged after smoking.   

They are in the middle of an industrial area but customers keep on coming!    

Do you like goeizinger?  Well you will love these guys!  


Smoker and oven.    

Deboning fresh.  

The cold room and the beautiful pigs I am after.    

Fresh Pork

The huge variety of house produced  smallgoods. 

Decent range of interesting looking dry goods and imported cheeses too. 



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