Taro’s Ramen – Artisan Series – Golden Shio Ramen

Some shots from the Wandering Cooks event last night.


Taro’s Ramen – Artisan Series – Golden Shio Ramen

@ Wandering Cooks / February 19, 2016


Golden Shio Ramen

An attempt to create a multi layered bowl with emphasis on dried mackerel


Pork, chicken, skimmed for clarity.  Vegetables for sweetness.

Dried kelp mackerel and scad added at the last minute for umami kick.
Perfumed with soffritto chicken oil and mackerel infused oil.
The seasoning is a blend of Australian sea salt, rock salt and Himalayan rock salt. mirin, sake, grain vinegar, flavoured with dried mackerel, scallops and fresh mussels.



Thin flat noodles made with local unbleached flour blended with yuzu and organic whole wheat flour. Hand crinkled one by one just before cooking, to create gentle curves to catch more soup.



Bangalow Sweetpork collar butt marinated with salted malt, soy and mirin.

Sous vide local Halal chicken breast in a smoke garlic pepper marinade.



Fermented bamboo shoots, desalted and cooked with soy, sake and mirin and a touch of sesame oil.



Eggs soft boiled and pasteurized at 58.9deg, marinated in smokey bonito dashi.


Shallots and Lemon Zest


$20 pre-purchased tickets only






2 Responses to Taro’s Ramen – Artisan Series – Golden Shio Ramen

  1. Nicholas Graham says:

    Looks fantastic guys.. Well done!

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