Ramen One

Gyokai (fish stock) Tonkotsu is another style that has taken off in Tokyo from a few years ago.  These guys are a serious contender.  A good variation of tonkotsu and dried fish variations on offer.  Personal preference, I find this and many Tohoku (northeast japan) tongues to be too salty so I would recommend asking for less salty (aji usume). 

 Spicy. Just ordered it for the sake of covering wverthing on offer but,, not really keen on this one.   

Shrimp kotteri.  Intense umami and pork base is very rich.    

 The assari shrimp flavour with extra egg. 

Standard “ramen one”. Mix of various fish stock and pork with a hit of mixed ginger. 


One Response to Ramen One

  1. Sunny says:

    Hi Taro,
    Would love to see a gyokai special at your shop!

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