Feedback Re Night Noodle Markets – Tonkotsu Soup

Hi everyone,

The recipe of the current shop’s tonkotsu soup and the night noodle market soup is a little different. The ingredients are exactly the same but the technique is slightly different aiming a different result in each.  For the markets, I don’t reduce the soup as much and emulsify the soup more, creating a lighter creamier soup intended to be more acceptable to the general public who may be having ramen for the first time.  The shop’s soup on the other hand is reduced more and intended to be more gelatinous and stickier and more intense pork flavours with medium emulsification.   Honestly, the shop’s soup requires more processes and there is much more room for error and I admit it is not always consistent.

I had some feed back at the markets some of which were strongly in favour of the market soup.  To the extent that they told me they were disappointed with the shop’s soup.  Can you provide your feed back on what you think?

2015 Brisbae Night Noodle Marketsが終了しました。マーケット用のスープとお店のスープは材料は一緒ですが、狙いが若干違います。マーケットは一般のラーメンを初めて食べる方にも受け入れてもらえるよう軽めで臭みがない高乳化スープを作っています。一方でお店はより豚骨の味をという事で煮つめて濃度を高めて、少しゼラチン感のある中乳化スープとしております。正直お店の方が工程が難しくばらつきがある事は自覚しておりますが、皆様の忌憚なき意見をお聞かせください。


3 Responses to Feedback Re Night Noodle Markets – Tonkotsu Soup

  1. darkymarky27 says:

    Anything that reduces the porkiness is a negative in my books!

    That said, maybe a shio curry chicken ramen special next month?

    Thank you for bringing back the Jiro this month though 🙂

  2. Jin says:

    Hi Taro,

    I thought Market soup was slightly better, or it worked really well with the thinner noodles. I still like it at the shop too 🙂

    Ariel thought your soup at the shop was much better. FYI he is very picky with food.. 😉

  3. Sunny says:

    Hi Taro,

    We have indeed noticed the tonkotsu soup has been variable recently. It was very good on Wednesday 5/8 this week, but on Monday 3/8 it had too much fishy taste. The Wednesday 29/7 before was also not quite up to your usual standard, but the Friday 24/7 was very good and the best in a while.

    However, I didn’t have a chance to try the night noodle market version.


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