Taro’s Loyalty Program Coming Soon

Honestly the economic environment for us minnow restaurants is not getting any better but we have been truly fortunate with amazingly wonderful customers that we wanted to recognize the loyalty of them (you!).

The cards are being printed as we speak and I think we can launch the program sometime soon.

Collect a stamp for every $15 spent and get a reward after every 8 stamps. Your 4th reward is a $20 voucher or official team attire. Choose between apron or t-shirt. The apparel is brought to you by the team at the Print Bar.

I just want to tell the story of how I ended up using them. Finding them was probably fate! I wasn’t happy with the quality of t shirts made at a mega international printing company so I was googling for a local company that can do it at reasonable prices. So I found the Print Bar online and spoke on the phone to set up an appointment and I drove myself down and popped in.

When I walked into the shop, I was greeted with a scream in the face, “Oh my god it’s Taro!! I love your Ramen!!”

And now, I don’t want to sound biased after such a whole hearted greeting from young lady Miss A but the entire team at the Print Bar were a pure delight to do work with till the end. They have such a cool creative vibe flowing in their Windsor Office and workshop. After I passed them the USB containing logos, Mr L edited it into a design on the spot and 1 week later, all finished! Being a local business, I was able to check the quality of the material of the cloth etc and speak to them about different options about longer lasting screen print method etc. and all the designing and printing is done in house right there. Also I don’t know for sure but i felt like I was in a boutique fashion outlet and the various designs (the shapes) of the t-shirts seemed hipster approved coo? Is that an appropriate expression? Anyway not outdated.

Owner of the Print Bar, Jarred and myself in the team colors!

Miss A holding our design screen which physically hold the logo in position which means the design is better quality and longer lasting than a computer printing option.





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