Tonkotsu Soup

Ok, with Ascot up and running and BrisAsia done and dusted, I am continuing my never ending task of bettering the quality of our ramen.

Have recently changed the tonkotsu extraction method to triple extraction. 1st go to get the gelatinous texture and the main source of umami and pork unless of the soup, second go to deepen the flavour, the third go to get the fats all broken down to get a creamy emulsified layer.

Any noticeable difference? Feed back welcome.



5 Responses to Tonkotsu Soup

  1. Sunny says:

    Hi Taro,
    Noticed a change last week – seems to be more oily and not as creamy – I think the balance is a bit off? It was better the week before, but I think still best about a month before that.

    • Hi Sunny, you have an amazing tongue. Is this at the city shop? We had some trouble with the stick blender and were substituting with a hand mixer and that was getting the emulsification slightly lower than usual. The new stick blender arrived so hopefully problem fixed. Having said that, I do like a balance of oily and creamy because if the emulsification goes too far, creates only sweetness on the palate and the porkiness gets lost.

      • Sunny says:

        Hi Taro, yes it was at the city shop. Had the tonkotsu again today (took a break last week and had the tsukenmen) and I think it is still about the same – not as creamy as before so I feel the flavour is duller than before. Maybe, as you say, it’s the loss of porkiness. Will try again next week but I think I prefer the more creamy version from Jan/Feb. Definitely notice the difference in texture, especially when comparing photos!

  2. 友紀子 says:

    たろうくん、元気ですかー? 今日の読売新聞サイトに、欧米でもとんこつラーメン人気って記事が出てました。さすが、先見の明があったんだね。

    いつになるかわからないけど、必ずや! たろうくんファミリーに会えるの楽しみにしてます。


    • 友紀子ちゃん

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