Tokyo Curry

New venture. Delivery of authentic ramen and curry to the northern suburbs. Listening to customers requests of a convenient home delivery service catering good Japanese food we set up Tokyo Curry operating out of our Ascot shop.

The curry is 100% authentic Japanese curry house style, hoping to please everyone, the taste is very standard. And the fun is in matching toppings and customizing spiciness from mild up to 10x and extra add’ons like corn and cheese. My favorite is the prawn cutlet curry or the spicy vegetarian curry. Also coming soon is hamburg (rissole) curry which is awesome.

The separate second branding from a ramen focus perspective is… honestly due to my ego. I am a firm (aldente) believer so if I had the choice I would prefer customers come in to taste my ramen in store where the detail makes the difference such as pre-warming bowls and pushing to deliver the ramen seconds faster like the F1 pit crew.

Having said that, running a business and managing three children, I accept that dining out is often not an option and the comfort of your own home and having no time etc all valid reasons and none of the above will change my ramen to bad ramen. So I thought if the initial expectation is not for the best ramen in australia but for a ramen off the menu of a curry shop then it could be satisfied.

End of the day, if customers are happy then I am happy!!



2 Responses to Tokyo Curry

  1. Jin says:

    Great news! Nice one, Taro.

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