NOW OPEN!! Taro’s Ramen – Ascot

We are now open for business!

Taro’s Ramen – Ascot
1/145 Racecourse Rd Ascot QLD 4007

In the city it’s sometimes touch and go, hustle and bustle..  The concept of the Ascot shop is to sit down, and take the time to relax and enjoy the meal.  So we have a wider range of tapas and a contemporary casual wine list with a focus on by the glass over 20 to match the food.  Of course the ramen and the sake and Japanese beer is the basics and you can be assured of the quality you have come to expect from our city shop.  30 seats inside air-conditioned and 50 seats in the outside covered area.  Oh, we have ample parking at Ascot too!    Hope to see you here.


Hand made table tops.


Ramen! New bowls and ladles. Dishes from japan.


Outside area at night.


Vintec wine cabinet!  Wanted this one….


Orion server ready to go. and the Riedel stemware (sparkling currently using Plumm).  Over 20 wines by the glass mostly around $7.00. BYO is $4.00pp too.. Bargain!


Menu for your info.

Drink Menu Oct 14 Ascot menu Ascot Oct 2014 A3




3 Responses to NOW OPEN!! Taro’s Ramen – Ascot

  1. Al Walker says:

    Congratulations Taro, what time are you open until at the new location?

  2. honolulueats says:

    おめでとうー!!!成功を祈ってます。体に気をつけてがんばってね。ハワイから応援してるよー。 愛

  3. 秋元たみ子 says:

    ついにオープン、おめでとう! 成功を祈る!

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