September Special – Tsukimi Yamakake Ramen


月見やまかけラーメン $15.40

月見やまかけつけ麺 $16.40



Tsukimi Yamakake Ramen $15.40

Tsukimi Yamakake Tsukemen $16.40

The September Special is a Japanese traditional menu. This month, Taro drives out weekly to source the fresh yam potato direct from the local farmer on the southside. Usually served on soba (buckwheat noodles), the Yamakake or grated yam is a popular topping on rice or noodles. Once grated, the yam forms a very elastic sticky paste which makes your skin itchy. The yamakake ramen is shoyu ramen with the grated yam and a raw egg yolk on top, Tsukimi means moon watching because the yolk resembles a moon in the sky. Sticky and gooey, this dish might not be for the general public and I wouldn’t recommend it unless you are very curious or an advanced connoisseur of Japanese food.


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