July is Truffle Season!




Truffle Ramen

Enjoy Truffle Ramen at Taro’s and also come visit us at the Southbank Night Noodle Markets Jul 16-26.  Cold July is the perfect festive season for warm ramen.


究極のトリュフラーメン $29.90


  • トリュフタペナードを練りこんだ特製平打ち麺
  • イタリア産白トリュフを使用したナチュラルトリュフオイル、Olio Tartufoがスープを覆う
  • WA Manjimup産(TA産の場合もございます)生黒トリュフのスライスをトッピング


The Ultimate Truffle Ramen $29.90

3 layers of truffle ingredients create this exquisite bowl

  • Specially homemade Fettucine style noodles with truffle tapenade kneaded into the dough
  • Naturally flavoured Italian white truffle oil packing the characteristic pungent aroma
  • Fresh Australian winter truffles from Manjimup WA (may be sourced from TA depending on availability) sliced on top to provide the final divine perfume





2 Responses to July is Truffle Season!

  1. Wow, totally looking forward to getting my annual fix
    Any limits on the number of serves per day, Taro-san? 🙂

  2. No, should be readily available!

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