Upgrade to Tonkotsu Soup / 豚骨スープの改良について

Upgrade to Tonkotsu Soup

Tonkotsu, Red Tonkotsu and Fire Tonkotsu Ramen
$1.00 discount until upgrade is complete.

We have started to utilize pressure cooking of our soup and are currently tweaking the recipe and methods. The benefits of pressure cooking are 1) able to get a denser more freshly gelatinous soup, 2) fuel efficient = ecofriendly, 3) supply quantity increases. As of today, the resulting soup tastes beautiful using the same ingredients as before but the taste does not maintain until the end of the day. When the soup is fresh (this is best at 11:30 beginning of lunch shift) the soup is gelatinous, rich and tastes wonderful. However during the course of the day, it gradually loses emulsification and becomes light. This is what we are trying to improve. In the meantime, we will continue to serve Tonkotsu ramen but just as a token of our appreciation for your understanding, we will discount $1.00. Thank you for your cooperation. We certainly welcome any feedback and will reflect in our upgrading process.







4 Responses to Upgrade to Tonkotsu Soup / 豚骨スープの改良について

  1. pat says:

    hey taro,
    nice pressure cooker. its gotta be one the most impressive pieces of equipment I’ve seen.
    about the fire soup last week which i had; it didn’t seem to have that rich silky texture and creaminess as usual. could this be because of the pressure broth??
    just to let you know.

  2. Sunny says:

    Taro-san, I had the Tonkotsu ramen today and thought it was very good. It was more creamy and rich. The last time I had it about 2-3 weeks ago it was more transparent, and while the taste was also good, today’s was definitely better. Today’s was also a more consistent creamy colour. Both times were around 11am-1pm.

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