The Flaming Olive @ Fortitude Valley

The Flaming Olive opened up last week and I visited them with my friend @sushichefshin.
Flaming Olive on Urbanspoon

Head chef Wayne has worked with Shin and many other chefs in numerous high end restaurants as well as gaining some experience in Japan.

I saw the future of Brisbane dining scene. Haute cuisine techniques and beautiful presentation in a casual atmosphere and less formal service and cheaper prices. Much more food focused and slightly easy on the wallet making it a more usual affair rather than for special occasions.

We had Wayne serve us his recommendations. He started us off with three chilled dishes. The artisan cured salmon, pickled beet root, poached chicken in master stock.

To follow, the mains. Grilled spatchcock with salsa, slow cooked lamb shoulder, sautéed mushroom with onsen tamago.

Desserts, blueberry merengue with lemon curd and passion fruit parfait.

The savory main of lamb shoulder had been slow cooked in a garlic and EVO minimalist marinade and finished with a chicken juis based sauce. Tender and juicy with contrasting different meat stock was inspiring and delicious. More delicate and subtle contrasting chicken based sauce enhancing the lamb flavor.

My favorite was the poached chicken. Cooked at a low temperature keeping 100% of the inherent moisture . Any bad smells of raw chicken is non existent and a slight firmness and saltiness and umami from the stock has been transferred as well as firmened texture. Matches nicely with a creamy cauliflower purée. Personally I might prefer a slightly bolder acidity hit rather than the accompanying creme fraiche. But anyway the texture is wonderful and such a delightful way to start the meal.

Thanks Wayne and Shin for a wonderful time.












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