Fugunoko / blowfish roe (poisonous!!)

Blowfish or fugu is known as a delicacy with a fatal attraction.

This delicate firm white fleshed fish is discovered thanks to the sacrifice of numerous foodies that have fallen victim to the fish’ deadly toxins contained in the roe and blood vessels.

The fish needs to be cut by a licensed chef and the roe, toxic enough to kill nine adult men must be stored in locked tin containers before getting disposed of properly.

So eating fugunoko or blowfish roe is even to a Japanese an act of pure lunacy. When i saw this product at a shop specializing in rural produce from north central japan, I was intrigued. I purchased and investigated and apparently people of Ishikawa have figured out that if you preserve the roe in salt and rice bran for 2 years, the toxins become benign and edible.

So I had it for snacks one midnight.

… It could be physiological but it might make the alcohol go around a bit more potently.

Taste… really really salty so I am working on creative ways of consuming it.

I mixed it with creme fraiche to top on some canapés for entertaining and it created a good talking point!



One Response to Fugunoko / blowfish roe (poisonous!!)

  1. jim mccallum says:

    NHK just aired a really interesting show on the history of fugunoko, how it is prepared, and many many different ways to consume it – looks delicious!

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