March Special


陶芸家の浦西健司氏とTaro’s Ramenがコラボ。

Kenji Uranishi X Taro’s Ramen – a subtle collaboration –


March Special features a different component of ramen, the bowl.
We want you to re-discover a simple pleasure that you may usually overlook.


“The intention is to keep the spotlight on the ramen itself and to craft a bowl that would subtly amplify the experience.” – Kenji Uranishi


Thirty-two handcrafted bowls each have different shades, texture, form and patterns. Senses are stimulated when eating ramen from one of Kenji’s bowls—the taste, the steam, the smell, the smooth curves that fit in your hands, the cool yet creamy shape—in that instant, you feel a connection between the food and the pottery born of Kenji and Taro’s likeminded approach and warm intention to fulfill the diner. This is the sort of small happiness we want you to re-discover.


From March 1, please enjoy miso ramen and shoyu ramen served in Kenji’s bowls.



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