Beef Tongue Charsiu

Beef tongue charsiu.
$3.80 ($2 as swap for existing charsiu)
$8.00 side dish

Boil for 1.5hrs, peel the skin (takes ages!!), massage with black pepper, garlic and salt and in the oven for another hour. The texture is very unique, when cold, it is ham-like firm and when it touches hot soup, it starts to turn melt in the mouth tender. I know many Australians still have a phobia for offal but please give this one a try, you will understand why Japanese people love beef tongue so much. I am proud of this result. Unfortunately, at the moment I am feeling reluctant to put it on the regular line up since it is such a labour intensive dish. So if you want to change my mind, pls taste and give me feed back!!





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