New Improved?!!

Now Extra Junky with Backfat Topping!!



Jiro Ramen


Jiro is not ramen, it is a food called Jiro.
(popular proverb among hardcore Jiro fans)


Backfat laden Shoyu Tonkotsu soup and a thick hard noodle that bites back.  Heaps of sprouts and cabbage, some shallots, two slices of charsiu.  Chilli paste and Dried fish powder and minced garlic also add a strong accent.  Although still stoically MSG free, it is very unlike Taro to create something so loud, indelicate, this is the epitome of Japanese Bogan food.  No claims accepted for garlicky smell and oily stains.  Limited and will sell out.


$15.90 Mini 135g = Single

$17.90 Small 270g = Double

$19.90 Large 405g = Triple



とんこつベースに背油を溶かし込み、醤油の効いたコテコテのコッテリスープに固ゆでの太麺。たっぷりモヤシ、キャベツ、ねぎをのせて、チャーシューを二枚添えます。かつおパウダーとニンニク、アクセントに豆板醤を添えています。毎度ながら自信作ですが、化学調味料こそ使ってないものの今回はTaro’sには珍しく、がっちり下品にしあげてあります。口臭、脂染み、責任取れませんので悪しからず。10食前後限定、売り切れ御免。jiroramen photo


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