Tokiya @ Mermaid Beach

BYO Japanese French restaurant in the Gold Coast.

The ingredients aren’t the most exotic items available in today’s foodie scene but the job is done properly.

Potato pan cake. Home made hash brown. Just awesome. Will go back just for this!

Salad. Roasted onion dressing is yummy. All the veggies are crisp and cold as a proper salad aught to be.

Garlic toast. Nice.

Sand Crab soup. Bisque is slightly weak.

Seafood chowder. The preferred choice between the two soups. Nice and buttery home style with chunky veggies.

Duck Orange. Juicy plump duck with a sweet duck sauce and compote of apples and fresh navel oranges.

Wagyu rib filet steak. Soy butter sauce.

Prawn and scallop risotto. Nice.

Creamed Potatoes, glazed carrots.

Apple pie and home made ice cream. Ice cream could be a bit more consistent but very nice and way too cheap.

Coffee is good too!

Will be back to sample more stuff. Really love these tiny bistros where you truly appreciate face to face service.

My wife tells me they do a japanse style lunch trade which draws a completely different crowd after cheap Japanese teishoku pasta and bento.










Tokiya Restaurant on Urbanspoon


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