Georg J Riedel Wine Workshop

riedel flyer

Thanks to the generosity of my wine supplier Red&White, I had the privilege of attending a workshop hosted by Mr Georg J Riedel representing the 10th generation of the world-famous Austrian wine glassware manufacturer. Amongst the wine/food critics, top fine dining restauranteurs in Brisbane, my 2IC and I were certainly the only ramen chefs to be in the room.

Following Georg’s exact orders. we tested water, pinot noir, shiraz and cabernet sauvignion.

Amazing! Even water tastes different in different glasses. With wine, the initial aroma, the secondary notes, then the front palate and back palate after swallowing, they all have different characteristics and the grape varietal specific glass is designed to enhance all those elements of a particular grape variety. Shocked to taste so much difference, even food pairing (Georg provided a chocolate matching with the wines today) goes from “Yes! Bon Marriage” to “Not So Nice…” with simply the difference in the glass. Simply mind-boggling.

At Riedel, they are dealing with fluid physics, biology, chemistry, design and art. Every single sense is taken into account. The science of what the components of a flavour of wine is and how it flows into the mouth and what affects it brings is considered, then they design and beautifully craft the perfect wine glass (Georg prefers to call them “wine instruments” rightfully so!).

I had such a wonderful time! Similar exhilarating experience to degustation at Esquire. I love the passion, the science and the showmanship and the tasting experience to pull all this together….

Currently we use the “Riedel Degustazionne – Red” which is halfway in between a Shiraz specific and a Cabernet specific but I am going have to do a lot of experimenting with Shiraz and Pinot to see what is the best way to drink these varietals…







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