Chop Chop Chang’s @ Westend

New Asian tapas style restaurant in Westend. Casual but refined, hip but comfortable. A Thai and southeast Asian focused food means there’s plenty of chilli in the food.

Melon salad. Chilli marinated fruit. A good clever way to cleanse and stimulate the palate.

Shaved spicy beef. Actually not so spicy but just right. The rare shaved beef is perfectly tender and juicy. My favorite dish tonight.

Fish curry. Very mild. Fish moist and pumpkin sweet.

Brown rice and jasmine rice. Really glad to see brown rice on the menu. Offsets guilt a bit!

Fried egg w chilli jam. Spectacular presentation.

Salt and pepper cuttlefish. Tender and crisp.

Mussel omelette.

Also ordered “The Gatherer’s Plate” which was simply a dish of fresh asian salad and herbs.

The spiked jugs seemed pretty popular.

Good to see these tapas type places getting popular with younger people and when they are serious about food as much as CCC it’s easy to understand why the place was packed on a Wednesday night.








20130821-212107.jpgChop Chop Chang's on Urbanspoon


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