Like father like daughter?

My daughter at 6 years of age is obsessed with masterchef. Honestly, I didn’t teach her, I usually only watch soccer on TV but recently whenever i am home, sitting in front of the TV at 7:30pm sharp is the usual routine.

This week, I too am watching seriously as Heston Blumenthal is the guest. After the medival themed dinner last night, I decided to roast a chicken and make a vegetable garden with her. Picked up from the official masterchef pantry Coles, a whole inglewood organic free range chicken, stuffed it with left over rice, basil, mishrooms, onions, garlic, parsley. Rubbed olive oil, pink salt and a bit of oregano. Teaching Taro Jr about basting and using the meat thermometer along the way… Result, finger licking good.

On the show the contestants use the Murray River Pink Salt really liberally. It is really good stuff. Thanks M and S! We are putting it to good use too. (Love getting salt for gifts!)

The vegetable garden is a bed made with chopped avo, mushroom, gerkins, mayo. Stuck some carrot sticks wrapped in oak lettuce. Turned out not too bad.





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