July Monthly Special – Truffle Ramen

Winter season is here, truffle season is here!



truffles photo






①   トリュフタペナードを練りこんだ特製平打ち麺

②   イタリア産白トリュフを使用したナチュラルトリュフオイル、Olio Tartufoがスープを覆う

③   WA Manjimup産(TA産の場合もございます)生黒トリュフのスライスをトッピング



<Limited Menu – During July Only!>


The Ultimate Truffle Ramen

 3 layers of truffle ingredients create this exquisite bowl


1)      Specially homemade Fettucine style noodles with truffle tapenade kneaded into the dough 

2)      Naturally flavoured Italian white truffle oil packing the characteristic pungent aroma

3)      Fresh Australian winter truffles from Manjimup WA (may be sourced from TA depending on availability) sliced on top to provide the final divine perfume



2 Responses to July Monthly Special – Truffle Ramen

  1. Ramen lover says:

    When is the best time to come and enjoy truffle ramen? Do you continue it into August? What’s the dish from your menu that you think people should try more? Thank you.

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