The Survey Co

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Was recommended by a customer.

Edamame w jap mayo hint of Dijon mustard and truffle oil. Eye opening to eat edamame like this, letting the sauce stand out and edamame stepping back to the background just providing texture.

Tsukemono. Pickles beautifully plated. Strong licorice like flavor. The garlic one was my favorite.

Corn on the cob. This was stunning! Whipped feta and spicy chilli sauce what a combo with the sweet corn.

Chicken confit. Heaps of ginger and good as tsumami.

Ortiz Tinned Anchovy. Being a 30 dollar starter dish, I though it was going to be some sort of fancy sardine dish presented in a tinned form but it was just what the name suggested, a tin of anchovy. It was nice but not knowing the Ortiz brand or its famed status, it came as a letdown but simply mistake on my part for not asking about it upon ordering.

Pork tacos. Basically Peking duck w a bit of pork and bean mash.

Bread. Nice butter. Same bread as the accompaniment to the anchovy.

Soft shell crab. Coriander and sweet chilli mayo sauce all great with the juicy crab.

My partner ordered a gin and tonic and a thyme iced tea. I ordered the two chardonnays offered by the glass. Both wonderful. One balanced and one nicely oaked.

All the starter dishes are beautiful shared and relatively salty strong flavors designed to go well with drinks. The cool decor also wets your appetite too. I like it!















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