Mariosarti @ Toowong

Mariosarti Ristorante Italiano on Urbanspoon

There is actually good al dente Italian in Brisbane.

Arancini. Presentation nice but not quite hot and gooey as warned.

Fritto Misto. The freshest seafood with subtle gentle aioli and chilli sauce.

White Bait. Fish cakes. Nice!

Ordered 4 types of pasta for mains.

Bolognese and fungi for the kids. Too good for the kids.

Linguini ganberi for my partner and risotto fungi for me.

Side of steamed brocollini with confit garlic. Nice. Copied it at home.

All delish but the linguini and the tomato cream sauce was magical.

Was happy to see my partner really excited about the food. Next time I am getting the linguini










2 Responses to Mariosarti @ Toowong

  1. Michelle says:

    Will have to try Mariosarti’s soon – I walked past their restaurant in Bardon and it was absolutely packed

  2. It’s definitely worth a go Michelle!

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