Esquire second visit

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Esquire second visit.

I visited esquire for my second visit to celebrate my birthday.

The core feature ingredients remained the same in many ways but the arrangement was different and the team kept us guessing.

A new addition to the dehydrated starters was baby gem lettuce with itchi bai cheese. The bitter lettuce was mellowed out with the tart cheese.

The blue swimmer crab with macadamia milk changed the accent from coffee to sweet corn. A simply delicious dish.

The Murray cod’s very wild mustard leaf stalk grill was replaced with dill sauce.

Chef’s brought out a new menu for me to sample, coral trout cheek with konbu and duck consumme. A bit salty and overpowering umami flavors along with gamy duck a bit of a wild horse of a dish but married together beautifully with the pink claw rose.

The phone battery died after this and So the Wagyu outer flank, lamb with cavalo nero, popcorn, curd and whey, rock chocolates, recorded only as a fond memory.

Always inspiring!!!











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