Feeling the seasons in Brisbane

Started the day vege and fruit shopping at the Northey St Organic Markets in Windsor. The prices here are generally pretty steep, pretty much double to triple the going rate at a normal fruit shop but look carefully and you’ll find the produce in season are still very much within reach of a sensible (stingy) shopper like me.

Oranges are a bargain at $3.00 a kilo at the juice stall, purchased right after finding their juice be super sweet.

Rock melons 5.50 for a large one.

Nectarines at $6.90 a kg were sold out.

Zucchinis were $7 a kg.

Excited to find edamame 9.90 a kilo. Purchased although the pods were tiny and were not a very good crop. Fresh edamame on branches are only available during summer even in Japan.

Pears $4.00 a kg.

Melons, stone fruits, zucchinis, edamame. The rich energetic crop of summer. Pears mean fall is coming. i spotted some slippery jacks and pine mushrooms at the sourced grocer. In japan people go crazy for a different kind of pine mushrooms, but i am guessing the australian version is also a sign of autumn.

Came home cooked some soba and sautéed some mushroom and zucchini for lunch. Cooked edamame for dinner and snacks. Once you pop, you can’t stop!






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