February Special – IEKEI Ramen

February Special is a homage to authenticity.

Iekei Ramen is the local ramen of Yokohama. Characterized by chi-yu or chicken oil, Tonkotsu soup and thick straight noodles. Garnished with egg, spinach, big nori and charsiu.

Goes so well with rice. Limited 10 serves per shift. $16.90


太郎家特性 家系ラーメン





5 Responses to February Special – IEKEI Ramen

  1. sherdie says:


  2. ichigo says:

    i was so excited to find out that taro-san had a food blog.

    i’m going to come and try the yokohama style tomorrow night!

  3. Michelle says:

    This was really yum – loved the chi-yu and the bamboo shoots (I think?)

    I also drank all of my broth, and then all of Mum’s tonkatsu broth – delicious as always

    See you in April, when I get back from my holidays!

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