Best of Taro’s 10 Course Degustation Course

For one night only, I am doing a 10 course degustation dinner this saturday for a prize winner of a competition “Best of Brisbane” that we have sponsored. I am offering it to anyone else that may be interested. Pls reserve ASAP to avoid disappointment.

The details are outlined below. I will personally be explaining and serving all the food and drinks. Although this looks fancy, we know what we are, a ramen shop and so I promise that you will not go home hungry.

Date: Saturday 8th December 2012 from 7:00

Cost: $80 or $150 with matching drinks

Menu / Matching Drinks:
Edamame / Orion Tap Beer
Organic Yose Tofu / Kizakura Nigori Sake
Sashimi Crystal Bay Prawns / Plantagenet Riesling
Gyoza / Yebisu Beer
Chicken Karaage / Kozaemon Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki
Soft Shell Crab / Tengumai Junmai
Mini Tonkotsu Ramen transformation into Red Tonkotsu / Mitake Imoshochu
Bangalow Sweetpork Shabu Shabu / Felton Rd Bannockburn Pinot Noir
Panna Cotta / Kozaemon Junmai Umeshu
Yukimi Daifuku / Ureshino Green Tea


5 Responses to Best of Taro’s 10 Course Degustation Course

  1. Brett says:

    Hi Taro,

    I am really keen to come along to the dego on Saturday night but am having trouble contacting the restaurant to make a reservation. I have left two messages with no response, are there any other channels for me to try without physically travelling into to the city?

  2. Brett says:

    Thanks for a wonderful night Taro. Your food and knowledge were only bettered by your company. I can’t wait for degustation part deux!!

  3. Ed Stewart says:

    Hey Taro,
    I just read about your degustation dinner. It looked amazing. I know you mentioned it was a one off but is there annnny possibility you’ll do another in the future?
    Best regards

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