Introducing Healthy Pulse Tofu

Organic hand made tofu made by Yoshikawa san of Gold Coast. Completely handmade using authentic Japanese traditional methods using local organic soybeans and Japanese natural hon-nigari (a byproduct of sea salt production, a mineral rich liquid comprising mainly of magnesium). Normally you get about 1000 blocks from one 60kg bale of soybeans but they restrain to 540 blocks of premium tofu. The smaller yield of tofu from the amount of soybeans used makes a big difference in taste. The best tasting tofu available in QLD.

Agedashi Tofu $6.20* Battered tofu with dashi sauce and grated radish *Available Dinner Only.

Atsuage Tofu $5.20 Blanched deep fried tofu served with gluten free tamari

Yose-Tofu $5.20 Soft tofu served with our homemade chilli oil.

The tofu is available to purchase from japanese grocery shop Genki Mart in Alderly.





3 Responses to Introducing Healthy Pulse Tofu

  1. Michelle says:

    Awesome – will have to drop in some time to try the tofu!

    We finally made it in last Sunday (amidst the hail and rain) to have jiro ramen
    Ordered the double and almost died trying to finish it
    Most definitely a ‘sometimes’ (instead of ‘daily’) treat, but it was a treat nonetheless

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