Raku Japanese Restaurant @ West End

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When there’s news about a new shop that serves ramen, you bet that I am the first one to go check it out.

Raku in west end just opened up a couple weeks ago in the heart of West End on Boundary St. Being greeted by a familiar face I quickly found out that it is the venture by the previous Ajisen Ramen’s owner. Once tasting his ramen, it was evident he had been freed from the various restrictions of being a franchisee of a global chain.

Gyoza, I must admit is pretty good, very close to my style of meatiness.

Raku ramen and red raku ramen. Tonkotsu soup is very mild and on the sweet side. Charsiu is perfect for its style which is the melt in your mouth belly charsiu close to kakuni. Noodles are a bit soft for me.

The red version comes with a scoop of very spicy mince. This makes it close to a tantan men. Also good for spice lovers.

Side of salad and rice.







2 Responses to Raku Japanese Restaurant @ West End

  1. Michelle says:

    I must admit I have never been a fan of Ajisen Ramen
    Will have to check this place out though
    ps: Thanks for your tips regarding ramen joints in Sydney
    We ate at the first one you recommended – like you said, thickest broth I have ever tasted!

  2. Haiku says:

    I also discovered my friend from Ajisen at Raku. Indeed, he is very pleased to be out on his own now. And in his new location in West End, he is ‘going back to school’ – learning from the local restaurateurs and produce suppliers to make changes to his menu. Ramen broth is based on his hometown style from Osaka. Also, Mayu (waitress) is delightful and attentive.

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