November Special – Prawn Bisque Ramen

Prawn Bisque Ramen

November Monthly Special is Prawn Bisque Ramen. Sashimi grade Crystal Bay Prawns are flown in from North QLD. The shells and head are turned into a velvety smooth rich bisque with a subtle miso flavour, topped with hand whipped crème fraiche (sour cream). The noodles are marinated with plenty of Crystal Bay Prawns, tomato and parsley. Topped with shio charsiu, egg, shallots, sesame. Enjoy the flavours separately or pour the soup over and enjoy the harmony. Limited to 10 serves per day.



QLD北部より直送された生食用のCrystal Bay Prawnsのガラを手間隙かけてフレンチなビスク風スープに仕上げてあります。味付けは白味噌とCrème Fraicheをあわせたオリジナル。麺はたっぷりの海老とパセリ、トマト、香味オイルで和えてあり、トッピングは塩チャーシュー、卵、ネギ、ゴマです。麺とスープ、別々に味わうも良し、スープをかけて頂くも良し。海老好きにはたまらない一品です。1日限定10食です。


10 Responses to November Special – Prawn Bisque Ramen

  1. Michelle says:


    I will definitely try that Friday night if it hasn’t run out, Taro!

    • Thanks Michelle, it will be served with soup and noodles separately. I don’t have a fixed suggestion on how to eat it except taste both parts separately first and then after that, pour it on or dip it and slurp, up to you!

  2. sherdie says:

    That sounds incredible! I will definitely be in to try it!

    • Hi Sherdie, love to hear what you think. Taro

      • sherdie says:

        Completely loved it! The bisque flavour was great, creamy without being heavy. Will be back to have it again if I can!

      • Hi Sherdie, thanks for the positive feed back! Good to hear.

      • Due to advice from a customer with a very reliable palate, I have changed cooking time for the prawns. I was aiming for a close to sashimi texture but in application didnt realize i was actually getting a close to mushy soft texture. I have decided to change to a well done tougher rubbery texture. Sorry for customers that were disappointed. Pls tell me if you were disappointed last time and I will deduct $10 from your next prawn bisque ramen.

  3. Steve says:

    Tried it today. Delicious! Well done

    • Hi Steve, Thanks very much! There is a lot of effort that goes into this. Hand peeling sashimi grade whole Crystal Bay prawns, 45 minutes, double washing the prawwn head and shells, 10 minutes, creating prawn aromatic oil, 30 minutes, cooking the bisque, 30 minutes, straining it using a very fine sieve, 30 minutes, whipping creme fraiche, making parsley tomato marinade and then the usual noodle making, charsiu cooking, egg making, etc.. This prawn bisque is by far our most labour intensive menu and my staff are whining big time so I really appreciate the positive feed back!

      • Steve says:

        Wow that is a lot of work! I think it is evident in the finished product though. I will try to make it back another time this month before the bisque disappears from the menu 🙂

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