Recent project. Yakitori

Inglewood free range organic chicken is very good. I did it last time with Lilydale free range but perhaps the storage and handling had something to do with it too but noticeable difference in taste, texture. Also lots of water in the Lilydale when opening the plastic. Anyway, the Inglewood is very good!

The coal you use must be heat beads. Huge huge difference with the Coles generic brand in heat generation. Before becoming a Ramen Chef, I was a coal business man and I know my coal! The Coles briquettes are very high in ash and low in calories.

I dissect the chicken into pieces as shown. Thigh, breast, skin, tail, tenderloin, wings, rivulets. I scrape the little bits of off cuts, the little pieces of back liver, cartilage and add some breast pieces, chop it up on the board to make tsukune (rissoles). I add some flour, salt and pepper, and mould into shape. Put the thigh and breast pieces on skewers. Some with fat pieces of shallots.

Grill on the coal and season with salt and eat with lemon (shio) or grill half way, baste with sauce, and grill further, finish off with more sauce. You can simply purchase some Teriyaki sauce and use or make your own. Basically it’s just soy sauce and sugar and mirin.
I had a home made yakiniku sauce (sweet soy base with ginger, garlic and grated apple) so used that instead.

The skin is just awesome when roasted crispily, the cartilage becomes a great accent in the tsukune and the frames end up as a soup an so absolutely nothing is wasted.

Great match with beer and also divine match with this oaky creamy Chardonnay, Te Mata.

Result, simply the best yakitori this side of the equator!










3 Responses to Yakitori

  1. Michelle says:

    The skewers look absolutely scrumptious, Taro!
    ps: I am heading off to Sydney for a weekend – I was wondering if you’d recommend any ramen joints around the CBD/ Chinatown area?

  2. papamonkey in Japan says:

    焼き鳥はすごくおいしそうだけど、写真の片隅に写っていたいたお鍋が目に入った。 もしかして太郎が使っているそのお鍋、活力鍋という商品名の圧力鍋? 私の愛用鍋なんだけど。 おかあさんより

    • ワンダーシェフ、RO-TAて書いてあります。敬子さんが日本で買った安めの圧力鍋だよ。鍋底に凹凸があって薄いためすぐ焦げるのが不満だけど小さく軽いので使い勝手はなかなか。

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