Came to the festival for the first time. Yes I admit, the catch copy of “you had me at pork nuckle” was the persuading point.

Tried all three biers. Lager, wheat and dark. All very good. A festival with German tap beer as the main spot light. It’s good stuff.

Sausages supplied by Goitzinger. Purchased the Frankfurter and Bratwurst. Brat looks appealing with pepper and herbs and frank looks relatively bland but the frank is about the smoking. The meat and skin are crispy having had enough moisture taken out through the process. Both very good though. The knuckle was perhaps more a novelty. I am sure I can do much better considering the potential of the meat. It’s got all those good inter connecting cartilage tissue that would turn into great gelatinous moist chunks of meat as long as its been cooked properly. The meat was roasted too long and skin was dehydrated and even the insides became a bit dry. And the seasoning ha not seeped in enough. Still an exciting dish to have in front of you with cold beer!









3 Responses to Oktoberfest

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Taro,

    Interesting reading on Oktoberfest
    I knew the beer was food, but had no idea about the food!

    ps: Congrats on yet another mention online here:

    • Hi Michelle,
      Yes I heard about this and purchased the Sunday Mail which the article was also published on. Really ego-ticklish to be written together with establishments like Rockpool!

  2. Michelle says:

    I reckon Taro’s deserves it 🙂
    I have certainly been bringing interstate and overseas visitors there!

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