AK wine tasting

Invited to a tasting of AK wines, also showcasing Inkwell wines and Story Wines.

All made from boutique small batch producers with love. And of course, delicious and interesting wines as a result. Interesting to hear Adrian explain his Temperanillos as the good daughter and the bad daughter. 2009 Temp being my favorite out of all the wines showcased he explains this is the good child, getting good marks at school. It’s very mild, perfectly medium bodied, no undesirable traits, just plain moreish. 2010 on the other hand a problem child. Tannins and strong aromas creating an unbalanced impression but will be interested to see how the characters will mature after a couple years in the cellar. Adrian has high regards for the winery the grapes were sourced employing a biodynamic farming method. The Zinfandel also an interesting one, light body with a raisin like nose.

Thank you so much Adrian for the opportunity to taste your creations and always inspirational to talk to you!





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