September Special – Jiro Ramen


Jiro Ramen


Jiro is not ramen, it is a food called Jiro.
(popular proverb among hardcore Jiro fans)

September only, Taro’s is proud to introduce Jiro style Ramen to Australia.  Backfat laden Shoyu Tonkotsu soup and a thick hard noodle that bites back.  Heaps of sprouts and cabbage, some shallots, two slices of charsiu.  Chilli paste and Dried fish powder and minced garlic also add a strong accent.  Although still stoically MSG free, it is very unlike Taro to create something so loud, indelicate, this is the epitome of Japanese Bogan food.  No claims accepted for garlicky smell and oily stains.  Strictly limited to 20 serves a day (Lunch 10, Dinner 10). 

$15.90 Mini 135g = Single

$17.90 Small 270g = Double

$19.90 Large 405g = Triple




6 Responses to September Special – Jiro Ramen

  1. Irene says:

    Japanese Bogan food. Lol. Could you hold the chilli paste? I can’t eat hot food. :-/

  2. uioae says:

    Taro-san, can you please put up a photo of Jiro?

  3. Kyoko says:

    We loved the Jiro ramen we had today. So tasty. Yes, it was a bit garlicky and oily compared to other Taro ramen soups, but we loved having a lot of bean sprouts and cabbage, which created harmony with the soup. It’s almost like dipping boiled veggie in dip sauce. Won’t hesitate to order it again, if it returns to the menu some time.

    • Kyoko san, thank you for visiting. To be honest, I was never a fan of Jiro ramen in Japan and didn’t see what the fuss about. Back then I was a purist and only valued ramen for its noodles or soup. I also despised jiro for the amount of fat they put in. To me, only kotteri thickness I accepted was a collagenous thickness available only from properly made tonkotsu or chicken stock soup cooked for days. After making Jiro style ramen myself, I am surprised that I am hooked myself. It’s about harmony and the oil acts like a dressing with the vegetables and its a completely different genre all together.

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