The Chelsea @ the Barracks

The Chelsea Bistro on Urbanspoon

Completely blown away. The ambience is so perfectly themed, art deco European. Polished brass lighting, leather diner sofas give the true bistro feel, the vibe of the one that’s at the corner close to that subway exit in paris, bustling at every hour, serving parisians breakfast, lunch and dinner. No fuss old fashioned French breakfast, no flimsy posh modern australian touches like grilled tomato or heaps of rocket salad to hide well done eggs or decaf soy cap or weak flat white or none of that healthy wealthy conservative urban Aussie stuff here. The butter’s kneaded double fold in their homemade croissants, the brioche soldiers are crunchy fried in quality unsalted butter too. Service is friendly and efficient, coffee is a rich caffeine loading merlo dark roast blend, even the salt from the grinder on the table is so so good using real rock salt. My crab and chive omelette was fluffy and divine, my wife’s homemade croissant with crispy bacon, Brie and caramelized onions were equally good. We know it’s a good sign when we both stop suggesting to share and start to hog each other’s plates. Everything was perfect, my wife and I decided we’ll be back to explore the menu perhaps lunch and dinners as well, but I have a hunch she wont wait for our next date… Thank you team for such a happy way to start the day!







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